Novva's Robot Dogs

Novva Data Centers Leaps Into The Future With Robot Dogs

Novva Data Centers is taking another major step into the future with the addition of robot dogs to its data center lineup. Appropriately named WIRE (Wes’ Industrious Robot Employee), the robot dogs are a unique answer to the security and maintenance needs of Novva’s Utah campus. While the initial robot dogs were created by Boston Dynamics, Novva teamed up with Brigham Young University to take the technology a step further by enhancing and customizing WIRE for Novva specifically. 

“At Novva, our goal is to be the most future-focused new data center campus in the world”, CEO Wes Swenson explains. “WIRE exemplifies innovation and the future while addressing crucial data center needs and providing a one-of-a-kind experience for patrons. We are very thankful to the students at BYU for helping us with this project and creating a truly unique product for us to feature at our facility.” 

WIRE’s security capabilities, while impressive on their own, are not the only functions they will serve. In addition to their facial scanning and recognition, WIRE will also autonomously monitor facility equipment to ensure peak efficiency, carry out tasks and missions programmed by staff, ensure proper temperature for data storage, and even audibly greeting patrons of the data center. The robots are a real-life illustration of the crossroads between the purposeful innovation and overall “wow” factor approach that Novva uses for all projects.

“We’re really excited about this project,” adds BYU engineering student James Green. “We’ve created a product that will genuinely save a lot of time for everyone at Novva so they can focus on more strategic initiatives. WIRE represents the future of data center environments.”

Novva will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony to unveil its flagship data center facility in Utah on September 21st from 5-8pm. To join us for an evening of festivities and tours of Utah’s largest data center campus, you can register for the free event here.

To learn more about Novva Data Centers, go to www.novva.com.

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