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Not to Be Missed: Day 2 Executive Interviews from Capacity Europe Xtra Powered by JSA

Now that you have watched the first day of Capacity Europe’s amazing interviews,  you have to keep watching to see the energy of Capacity Europe continue into Day 2!

Jaymie Scotto & Associates has joined forces with Capacity Media, a vital source of business intelligence for the global carrier industry, to deliver Capacity Europe Xtra Powered by JSA. This brand new, exclusive live-streaming channel is broadcasting live from Capacity Europe and the Global Carrier Awards, the continent’s largest telecoms networking conference and awards program, held Oct. 18 – 20 in London.

Capacity Europe Xtra Powered by JSA is simulcasting across a variety of channels for viewers to tune in, including:

We are offering the next three days of events live on the above channels. If you’re too busy, you can watch interviews from all three days right here with our blog recaps of each interview video at your own leisure.

Here’s Day 1’s Capacity Europe interviews in case you need to catch up.

We hope you enjoy Day 2’s amazing interviews. Enjoy!

Nigel Bayliff, CEO of Aqua Comms kicks off Day 2 of Capacity Europe Xtra Powered by JSA. Nigel joins us on the expo floor to discuss Aqua Comm’s latest news, the importance of convergence and big projects on the horizon. Tune in to the full interview now!

Mark Cooper, VP Edge Strategy at AtlasEdge, joined us for an excellent Capacity Europe Xtra Powered by JSA interview this morning! Mark is speaking on today’s panel focused on the UK’s regionalization of data center capacity usage. Listen as he shares a sneak peek into this afternoon’s panel and a recap of his panel from Day 1 on the metaverse. Watch below for his full interview on Mark’s Capacity Europe 2022 experience thus far!


Martin Højriis Kristensen of GlobalConnect, joins us on Capacity Europe Xtra Powered by JSA. Martin shares an overview GlobalConnect’s current projects and priorities for 2023. He also discusses the future of data centers in the Nordics and focusing on efficiency.


Patrick Giangrosso of Mission Critical Facilities International joins us on Capacity Europe Xtra Powered by JSA to discuss his first time attending Capacity Europe, sustainability initiatives and evolving their microgrid solution. Watch the full interview now!


Raman Sharma, VP of International Sales at Stylus Networks joins us LIVE from the expo floor for a Capacity Europe Xtra Powered by JSA interview. Raman shares how the telecom landscape has changed the conversations taking place this week and why Stylus Networks focuses on sustainability and scalability when educating their clients.


Tony Grayson, General Manager – Quantum at Compass Datacenters, shares insights from his first time attending Capacity Europe with us live on Capacity Europe Xtra Powered by JSA. He also provides an inside look at some of the key topics being discussed on the expo floor and explains how Compass Data Centers is positioned to address the industry’s challenges and provide an excellent experience for all customers. Watch the full interview now and connect with Tony for more information!


Erik Thomson, SVP Head of EMEA Sales and GTM at Zayo Group joined us LIVE on the expo floor for a Capacity Europe Xtra powered by JSA interview. Erik shares how Zayo is sharpening their focus on infrastructure, solidifying their niche and the benefits of building a strategic partnership ecosystem. Watch now to learn more!


Gil Santaliz, CEO of NJFX, takes a networking break to join us on Capacity Europe Xtra Powered by JSA to discuss the global connectivity industry along with his takeaways from this year’s event thus far. He also shares exciting partnership announcements and what’s next for NJFX. Watch the full interview now to learn more!


Gulf Bridge International‘s CCO, Brendan Press, joins us back in his home city of London at Capacity Europe 2022. Listen in on this fantastic interview as Brendan discusses the evolution of connectivity in the Middle East, welcoming the World Cup to Qatar next month and what to expect next from GBI in the coming years.


Joining us today on the expo floor of Capacity Europe 2022 is Kim Gunnelius, CCO & Co-Founder of Ficolo Ltd. It’s an exciting time here for the Ficolo family as they join forces with Verne Global. Listen in as Kim shares initial goals and projects for the new year!


Today on Capacity Europe Xtra Powered by JSA we’re joined by CPO of ConnectbaseEmanuel (Mano) Nachum. Mano shares exciting Series C funding news and what it means for Connectbase’s customers. Watch the full interview to learn more about Connectbase’s exceptional user experience.


Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Telefónica Global SolutionsMaría del Valle Ortega Moreno-Tome, joins us live at Capacity Europe 2022. Here she shares insight into the global connectivity industry and a preview of what’s to come from Telefónica in 2023. Check out this fantastic interview now!


Emmanuel Rochas, CEO at Orange International Carriers, shares his experience thus far at Capacity Europe 2022. In today’s interview he highlights takeaways from his key note panel on day 1 and discusses Orange‘s commitment to skills enhancement. You don’t want to miss this interview!


We are wrapping up Day 2 of Capacity Europe Xtra Powered by JSA with an insightful interview with Vani Venkatesh, CEO – Global Business at airtel Business. Vani discusses several of Airtel’s exciting recent announcements, including extending the world’s longest subsea cable system to India along with Airtel 5G Plus!

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