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Capacity Europe Xtra_Day 1 blog

Not to Be Missed: Day 1 Executive Interviews from Capacity Europe Xtra Powered by JSA

It’s the first day of Capacity Europe and we are so excited.

Jaymie Scotto & Associates has joined forces with Capacity Media, a vital source of business intelligence for the global carrier industry, to deliver Capacity Europe Xtra Powered by JSA. This brand new, exclusive live-streaming channel is broadcasting live from Capacity Europe and the Global Carrier Awards, the continent’s largest telecoms networking conference and awards program, held Oct. 18 – 20 in London.

Capacity Europe Xtra Powered by JSA is simulcasting across a variety of channels for viewers to tune in, including:

Can’t get up early to watch the next three days of events live on the above channels or you’re too busy during the afternoon? We have you covered. Each day we will be providing you with a blog recap of each video so you can check in at your own convenience and see the excitement at your own pace!

We can’t wait to share all of these amazing videos with you. Enjoy!

Ruth Welter of Colt Technology Services joins us on Capacity Europe Xtra Powered by JSA to share what inspired their team to be this year’s host sponsor, exciting award nominations and the importance of partnerships within the industry. Watch the full interview to learn more!


Angela Capon, VP of Global Marketing at EdgeConneX, joins us live on Capacity Europe Xtra powered by JSA to share a preview of her upcoming panel and to discuss diversity in the industry and creating a company culture that leads to success.


Mike Jonas, President of Global Customer Operations at LightRiver Companies joins us live in London to discuss architecting the network of the future, sustainability strategies and what’s on the horizon for LightRiver in 2023.


Patrick Sullivan, Area Vice President for APAC, EMEA and Latam at , joins us live from the expo floor to share what brought him to Capacity Europe 2022 and what he hopes to gain from this year’s event. He also discusses the importance of partnerships, tailoring their solutions to meet partners needs and the benefits of Verizon’s global capabilities. Watch the full interview now!


John Coleman from netnumber Global Data Services joined us on Capacity Europe Xtra powered by JSA to discuss their recent rebrand, combatting mobile number fraud, and expanding their solution portfolio in 2023. Watch the full interview now!


On the heels of speaking at this afternoon’s sustainability focused panel, Michael Winterson, Managing Director at Equinix, joined us live on Capacity Europe Xtra powered by JSA. Michael shares a brief recap of his program, “Is your sustainability strategy ready? Meeting demand and attracting ESG finance and investment,” and concludes the conversation with a look at virtualization initiatives. Watch the full interview now!


Day 1 of Capacity Europe Xtra Powered by JSA concludes with Michael Wheeler, Executive Vice President, Head of Global Internet Network (GIN) a NTT Ltd. Michael shares his thoughts on day 1, planning for geographic growth and proactively combating network security threats- plus exciting plans for the evening, including a cocktail reception hosted by NTT Ltd. Watch the full interview now or visit the NTT stand on the expo floor for more information.


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For more information on JSA and how we can help support your brand, reach out to [email protected]. To see past live JSA TV episodes on-demand, visit jsa.net/jsa-tv-hub. To read the full press release about Capacity Europe Xtra Powered by JSA, click here.

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