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NJFX Welcomes A Top Five Global Network to its Cable Landing Station Campus

Cogent Communications Added to the NJFX Ecosystem

NJFX is again showcasing its ability to provide an extensive ecosystem of providers for unparalleled connectivity. The Cable Landing Station colocation campus has announced that Cogent Communications, one of the world’s largest internet service providers, has established its presence at the NJFX CLS campus.

Cogent Communications is consistently ranked as one of the top five backbone networks in the world. The company specializes in providing businesses with high speed internet access, Ethernet transport and operates one of the largest and highest capacity IP networks in existence.

“Cogent chose to have a presence at NJFX to reach more markets and more customers, all with reliability in mind. By connecting in multiple locations, we can not only address our clients’ bandwidth capacity requirements, but further ensure reliability and access to redundant options if ever needed,” comments Dave Schaeffer, Founder and CEO for Cogent Communications.

Serving over 205 markets across 46 countries, the Cogent network spans 58,000 intercity route miles and over 36,000 metro fiber miles.

“NJFX welcomes Cogent to our telecommunications ecosystem and looks forward to further collaboration and expanding options to power global communications,” comments Gil Santaliz, Founder and CEO of NJFX. “Bringing the world closer together, through strong telecom partnerships showcases the advantage that lies in carriers interconnecting. Even though we have to be physically apart during this pandemic, now, more than ever, our communications are more critical. The connections between people can still occur and bring us all together.”

NJFX CLS campus offers access to four subsea cable systems and seven independent U.S. fiber-based backhaul providers, enabling a carrier-neutral marketplace and providing multiple options for route diversity, availability, reliability and security. For more information, please visit www.njfx.net or contact [email protected].

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