Content Delivery Summit 2020

NJFX Weighs in on Scaling Content Delivery at Virtual Summit

In this brave new virtual world, even the less than tech-savvy are finding the need to embrace a digital way of life. Whether it is a video conference, tele-health appointment or virtual classroom, companies and even individual Americans, are diving into an accelerated digital transformation of their lives. The challenge has been providing that enterprise-level of connectivity to a home-based workforce. Secondarily, is the increased traffic in entertainment services, gaming, streaming, and the like, due to stay home directives. Both will no doubt be a major topic of discussion at the Content Delivery Summit. The online event is a confluence of the technology and business that enables online publishers to reach audiences at scale. The Summit serves as a unique opportunity for infrastructure leaders at all layers of the internet “stack”, to meet. 

NJFX General Manager Felix Seda will be part of the panel that builds off of the keynote address and kicks off the day. According to the event agenda, “the session will focus on the real-world availability of the fundamental infrastructure services that underpin all CDN operations, as well as the complexities to consider when deploying POPs around the world.”

The panel includes:

  • Moderator: Dom Robinson, Director and Creative Firestarter, id3as and Contributing Editor, StreamingMedia.com, UK
  • Speaker: Felix Seda, General Manager, NJFX
  • Speaker: Elsa Pine, Global Sales Executive, Emerging Technologies, Edge Infrastructure, EdgeConneX
  • Speaker: Lily Yusupova, Strategic Account Executive, Schneider Electric
  • Speaker: Andy Bax, COO, Seaborn Networks

To register for the event, please click here. For more information, visit www.njfx.net or email [email protected].

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