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NJFX: “We Need to Know How Our Networks Work”

NJFX is in stage Yellow, but the company is continuing to (safely) work to install customers every day. Founder and CEO Gil Santaliz spoke to SubCableWorld Editor John Manock recently about precautions the company has taken as well as the work its doing during this unprecedented time and need for secure, reliable, resilient and diverse connectivity. 

What we’re seeing during this pandemic is that every multinational organization has put in place their disaster recovery (DR) plans.  Their employees are working either from their homes or are being asked to go to their DR sites. They’re creating quadrants of employees; basically telling them who goes where and we’re seeing this at NJFX.  We’re seeing traffic being re-routed. How do I get that DR site the kind of IP it needs? Remember, those sites really were meant to be a place to work from for two or three days, not three or four months. Inside, what we’ve done is taken extra precautions to separate employees from vendors coming into the building — separate bathrooms, temperature checks for people coming in, filling out forms explaining that you’ve not been exposed to anyone with COVID-19,” says Santaliz. 

In addition, Santaliz highlights the need for transparency in network architecture. He adds, “ If you have an international or domestic issue, but you don’t know how your network works or you don’t know which cable your traffic uses, you really can’t make decisions on re-orchestrating what you have. Now more than ever, we need to know how our networks work. You know you have cable diversity terrestrially and you know you have cable diversity at the subsea level, but if New York City will be suffering potential issues for a period of time and you have to re-route your traffic, what do you do?  Do you know who to call and that they are going to do it? Hopefully, you will because someone thought ‘I may need to do this someday’ and put it into the agreements and built it into the infrastructure so that it could be done dynamically.”

NJFX also pays tribute to the tireless, unsung heroes that are working round the clock to ensure mission critical networks, infrastructure and subsea cable systems are operational and maintained.  

Read the article in its entirety here. For more information about NJFX, visit www.njfx.net or email [email protected].

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