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NJFX Fostering the Growth of Millennials at PTC 2020

It has been no secret that there is a concerning lack of young talent entering the telecoms industry these days. Deemed an “aging workforce”, now is as important a time as ever to bring in fresh, young talent to the industry. That’s why NJFX’s resident millennial leader, General Manager Felix Seda, has taken the initiative to plan, organize and implement a new reception at PTC 2020. The event will be geared towards millennials in particular, but will include any and all young newcomers to encourage their growth within the industry.

The reception, which Mr. Seda hopes will become an annual occurrence and eventually expand to other conferences, aims to remind industry newcomers and hopefuls alike that it is filled with opportunity, excitement, and innovation. As digital natives, millennials offer a true value to the industry. Besides a fresh perspective to the industry, they also bring an extensive knowledge of new and existing tech. The reception will bring together established industry professionals to act as mentors to new industry additions and the PTC Young Scholars and PTC Academy. 

“I am very excited to be spearheading this event with the PTC Council, and hope to make it an annual part of future conferences,” says Mr. Seda. “This year’s PTC theme is Vision 2020 and Beyond, and that ties in nicely with our goals for creating this annual reception. At NJFX we value the opportunity to give young people the opportunity to strive towards success in the telecom industry, which we made clear just a few months ago with the hiring of Sarah Kurtz, who is now our Business Development Manager.”

The NJFX team is also involved in other aspects of PTC including CEO Gil Santaliz’ participation on the panel Data Centers and Networks on the (Cutting) Edge, and the company has also been shortlisted to receive the award for Outstanding Cloud, Data Center, or Interconnection Company. To meet with NJFX at PTC 2020 email [email protected].


To learn more about NJFX go to www.njfx.net.

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