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PTC Award 2020

NJFX Named a Finalist for PTC’s 2020 Awards

NJFX, the only carrier-neutral facility colocated at a cable landing site, has been shortlisted by the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC)  for an award in the category of Outstanding Cloud, Data Center or Interconnection Company.

NJFX is a uniquely designed data center campus. With four subsea cables to Europe and South America and seven independent US fiber-based backhaul providers, the NJFX model significantly decreases latency, increases network resiliency and connectivity options for high capacity, network-dependent organizations. NJFX brings transparency to all network providers who can collaborate to provide the best connectivity for their customers, clearly supporting PTC’s vision to innovatively leverage communications infrastructure to drive advancements for all. By pushing innovation and driving collaboration amongst clients to solve challenges, NJFX has secured its position as a major hub of connectivity for North America and beyond.

This year NJFX Founder and CEO, Gil Santaliz, has focused the company’s message to highlight the CLS as the hub itself. Traditionally, a CLS campus is a quiet place that is seldom visited. It is supposed to serve one purpose: a point where very expensive equipment transitions a subsea cable to a terrestrial cable that then provides connectivity to a major population center. “That concept worked for decades,” Santaliz says. “But today’s CLS can no longer be a passive location.  A cable landing station campus – with a fully integrated data center – can do what traditional carrier incumbents have been doing for decades, controlling their networks in a wholesale environment, with no backhaul required.”

In addition to announcing the Nordic Gateway earlier this year, with the HAFVRUE cable consortium choosing NJFX as the U.S. landing point, Windstream announced the first-ever CLS to CLS terrestrial interconnection, from NJFX to the Telxius CLS in Virginia Beach, VA. NJFX continues to lead the way in innovative, resilient and robust interconnection for all of North America and beyond.

The winner of the award will be announced at the PTC Conference in Honolulu, HI on Monday January 20, 2020.  Santaliz will also participate in a panel entitled “Data Centers and Networks on the (Cutting) Edge“. To schedule a meeting with a member of the NJFX team at PTC, email [email protected].





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