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NJFX: Critical Infrastructure, Critical Procedures

CLS Campus Highlighting Unsung Heroes for Critical Times

When NJFX staffed its facility, the CLS campus hired a site access team, in-house electricians, critical infrastructure technicians, vendors, security team and CLS management. During the hiring process, those individuals were notified that that they would be employed at a mission critical facility, where one day they could be called up to make sacrifices for the benefit of mission critical infrastructure. At the time, the thought was it could be a hurricane, terrorist attack or even widespread power outage. The word “pandemic” never came up. The NJFX leadership team gave new employees credentials designating them Essential Employees with the State of New Jersey, explaining it was a cautionary measure.

Today, the world is in the midst of an unprecedented and very fluid situation. New Jersey is under a stay at home order. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a massive shift to a work and learn from home scenario. All the while, the NJFX site access team is keeping the operations of the facility in a consistent, reliable and steady state.

“We are assisting our clients and partners to deploy and augment their communication infrastructures during this time of increased bandwidth needs and to further ensure they have diverse, reliable routes in place,” comments Gil Santaliz, NJFX Founder and CEO. “We added a new member to the operations team because we knew our bench would need to deepen as this crisis unfolds. Our essential NJFX employees are the unsung heroes that don’t travel to conferences or coordinate events, they just keep everything  operating smoothly to make sure our critical infrastructure is supported and protected so the rest of us can work from home, take virtual classes and even attend live streamed religious services.”

Santaliz adds that these critical team members prefer to keep their anonymity.  But like other unsung heroes, they are doing what they do for us in our time of need. They have families, friends and full lives with varied interests. Today, they are at the NJFX CLS colocation campus, making connectivity their priority during these uncertain times. It’s happening at similar facilities around the world, where these essential workers are keeping us connected at a critical moment in time. To all of them: THANK YOU.


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