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NJFX CLS Offers Increased Network Diversity Options with Lightpath

Lightpath has been on an aggressive trajectory this year including key network builds in New York, network acquisitions in Boston and recently bolstering its presence at the NJFX Cable Landing Station (CLS) campus in New Jersey.  Home to four subsea cable systems including Havfrue/AEC2, Seabras, TGN1 & TGN2, NJFX’s 64,800 sq. ft. colocation campus offers strategic network infrastructure advantages for Lightpath customers. All this, coupled with Lightpath’s landing station solutions, customers have access to unsurpassed connectivity options, reliability, resiliency, and security to support mission critical infrastructures. 

As a long-term NJFX telecom partner, Lightpath reinforced its presence at NJFX with dual points-of-entry, dual electronics and enhanced backhaul options. A significant advantage also includes enabling Lightpath to use cable provider head end infrastructure to deliver diversity to NJFX customers, upon request. This unique capability allows customers to avoid carrier hotels in reaching enterprise data centers in the NY/NJ/CT metro area.

Lightpath’s Landing Station Connect service enables customers to securely connect their offices and data center locations to key CLSs along the east coast. 

“The increase in subsea infrastructure has led to a much-needed increase of both bandwidth availability and services on that infrastructure. Cable landing stations have evolved to be more important than ever. The capacity on new subsea systems, along with the added services, need to make their way back to land. Lightpath’s all-fiber, infrastructure-based network provides our customers with customized options to buildings, data centers, and other interconnectivity facilities – over 12,000 locations on our network.” – Mike Ocuto, VP of Sales at Lightpath

“Networks with the breadth and depth of Lightpath see the value in a strong presence at the cable landing station. We are pleased to be able to offer Lightpath the global, subsea connectivity required to support its enterprise customers across its all-fiber, terrestrial network.” – Gabe Pannella, Vice President of Business Development

The many benefits of the NJFX CLS ecosystem include: 

  • Resilient ways to bypass congested network areas of New York metro area
  • Global Connectivity options to reach Europe, South America and the Caribbean
  • Highly secure, high quality colocation with cross connect options to leading, global cloud, telecom, subsea providers including multiple terrestrial backhaul networks

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