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NJFX Adds Subsea Expertise to its Team

NJFX expanded its critical infrastructure team with an experienced industry veteran in the subsesa industry. The team is proud to welcome Ryan Imkemeier as its new Cable Landing Station Manager. Mr. Imkemeier’s responsibilities include working with NJFX customers to build out critical subsea infrastructure to ensure NJFX solutions meet all of their needs. This new position at NJFX further illustrates the company’s dedication to be the top Cable Landing Station in the U.S.

Prior to NJFX, Mr. Imkemeier’s 20 year-long telecommunications career includes working with Tata Communications (formerly Tyco Communications) at their network operations center. He monitored subsea and terrestrial networks before transitioning into the Cable Landing Station. This has given him an impressive amount of hands-on experience with subsea cable projects, and specific knowledge that subsea operators need to ensure operational efficiency. His direct experience relates to design, implementation and maintenance of Submarine Line Terminal Equipment (SLTE) for subsea fiber and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) gear for fiber backhaul. 

“Ryan brings a lot of value to NJFX,” says Gil Santaliz, CEO of NJFX. “He has worked on some rather impressive projects during his time both under TGN and Tata networks and is intimately familiar with all stages of the life cycle of a cable project, not only from the installation process but the repairing process as well. Since he has firsthand experience in completing these tasks, he becomes a very valuable presence in the room when we run into challenges and new situations with complex installations.”

“I am very excited to be joining the NJFX team,” says Mr. Imkemeier. “I have a lot of ideas to help make sure the CLS is running as smoothly as possible – streamlining procedures and continuing NJFX’s best practices for quality assurance, efficiency and reliability. I have been enjoying sharing my experience with the team, and looking forward to all of the upcoming projects NJFX has on the horizon.”

The addition of Mr. Imkemeier to the team further demonstrates NJFX’s high dedication to ensuring customer projects and solutions are deployed and maintained to the utmost quality and resilience. By adding a team member specifically dedicated to the oversight of subsea cable and network projects as they relate to NJFX’s Cable Landing Station, NJFX continues to lead the industry and set itself apart. 

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