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NFINIT Launches New Video Series with Premiere Episode Featuring Zadara

Ever feel like the C-suite and IT folks at your company (and maybe you fall in one of those categories) just don’t see eye to eye? California-based IT solutions provider NFINIT is tackling that all-too-common challenge, aiming to fill an important business knowledge divide through a new educational web series. 

dollars and dataNFINIT recently launched the series – entitled Dollars & Data – as a panel-style video interview with different feature guests in each edition. For those at NFINIT, the videos address a crucial need: effective communication between different kinds of organizational decision makers. The concept of the show centers around discussing a pertinent industry topic from both a technical and financial perspective collaboratively, instead of separately.

As an established provider of a gamut of IT services – from cybersecurity to data center to managed cloud services – leaders at NFINIT have helped countless organizations develop understanding between two important groups. One group is executives focused on handling client relationships, managing finances, and meeting business goals. Another group is directors, managers, and administrators in charge of IT processes, workflows, and assets. The title “Dollars & Data” refers to the video series’ goal of bridging the gap between both of these perspectives.

“You know that book ‘Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus’?” chuckles NFINIT Vice President Jeremy Fitzpatrick. “Sometimes we joke that finance people and IT people are like that. They have the same goals but they are speaking different languages. At NFINIT, we like to think of ourselves as a kind of marriage counselor that can bring two parties together to help them meet mutual objectives. We think Dollars & Data is a great way to address both perspectives and solve problems cooperatively. It’s a fantastic resource for both parties to make their organizations stronger.”

Each episode will feature one guest representing the technical side and one guest representing the business side, focusing on a subject area and sharing each side’s unique perspective in a bite-sized conversation. The series will run throughout the year and feature an array of subject areas and guests from a variety of industries.

The latest episode, hosted by JSA TV’s Laura Noland, tackles data storage. In the video, Fitzpatrick represents the business point of view by discussing aspects like business value of data, budgets, investments, and costs, whereas Zadara VP Doug Jury presents a technical perspective by looking at issues like data criticality, RPOs, and RTOs. Both sides come together to evaluate how organizations should combine both views to maximize their data storage versatility, affordability, and return on investment at the same time. Check the full episode here.

To learn more about NFINIT, check them out online, on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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