NFINIT expands Internship Program

NFINIT Expands Internship With Sweetwater Union High School District

San Diego-based NFINIT announced that it’s expanding its computer science internship program in partnership with Sweetwater Union High School District, welcoming five new interns in summer 2022. NFINIT provides hybrid cloud solutions, connectivity, and colocation.

The program first launched in 2021 and provided two local high school students, Arvie Cabal and John Paul Minimo, the opportunity to work directly with the NFINIT team to gain hands-on industry experience. Not only were both students able to spend six months developing various high-demand skills, but John Paul Minimo was also offered a permanent position and is now a part-time employee with NFINIT.

Sweetwater and NFINIT developed the program as an answer to the existing diversity gap within the tech and computer science industry. Both organizations recognized a lack of opportunities, particularly for the underserved students in their own San Diego community.

“Watching the impact that an opportunity like this program had on the first round of interns was inspiring to the entire NFINIT team,” says Phil Kenney, CEO of NFINIT. “Many students are left without the proper resources to explore careers in our industry, resulting in a major diversity gap when it comes to the employee pool. NFINIT has the ability to provide some of those resources to our own community, and we’re proud to not only offer this opportunity for a second year but to double the size of the program.”

The application process is scheduled to kick off in April, with the program starting in June.

For more details about the program, read NFINIT’s program Q&A with Sweetwater and the full expansion announcement.

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