NFINIT Object Storage Announcement

NFINIT Unveils New Object Storage Suite with Unique Payment Model

NFINIT, a San Diego-based cloud, connectivity, and colocation provider, announced their new set of cloud storage solutions this week. Dubbed NFINIT AO (Active Object) and NFINIT Object LS (LightSpeed), both offerings feature secure object storage with a unique pricing model they say could save users 40% or more on monthly storage bills.Object Storage on the Rise

The popularity of object storage is trending up. As the cloud storage market grows, more companies seek long-term storage options for ever-increasing amounts of data. Object storage, with its massive petabyte scalability and ultra-simple structure, represents a more cost-effective option for high volume storage than block or file style formats. NFINIT is seeking to make its AO and LS object storage offering even more budget friendly.

Cloud object storageAlthough cloud data storage appears straightforward, complexity arises with accessing data – moving, removing, and copying – because all of these transactions typically carry additional costs. These charges, often called egress, create huge, often unpredictable fluctuations in monthly bills. NFINIT is attempting to address this issue with their all-inclusive pricing model. Calling it Free-gress, NFINIT’s AO offering does not include any additional access charges as part of the object storage package. The launch of NFINIT AO comes with a special cost calculator that will instantly show you potential monthly and annual savings.

 For those users who need the high capacity and scalability of object storage but increased accessibility speed, there is NFINIT LS. The LS stands for LightSpeed, and the idea here is that NFINIT has taken their AO package and added a layer of functionality that provides instant access with no streaming, buffering, or downloading, even with large files.

NFINITNFINIT LS has already proved successful with Amanda Stuckey, Vice President of Marketing for Chef Works, a manufacturer and distributor of clothing for the food service and hospitality industries. “For years, our marketing team spent uncountable hours and days downloading large design files, using different digital transfer methods, and manually handing off file shares that would quickly become out of date,” says Stuckey. “NFINIT Object LS has changed the way we work, collaborate, organize, and manage our digital files.”

To learn more, head to NFINIT.com.

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