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New Virtual Event: Bringing Connectivity to the Edge Presented by SES Networks

In terms of the space race, there really is no competition. SES Networks has been the leader in global content connectivity solutions for over 30 years. Built on sustainable innovation, their reach combines a vast, intelligent network with ground infrastructure and industry-leading expertise. So, what’s next for this cutting-edge technology? 

Introducing the webinar: Bringing Connectivity to the Edge presented by SES Networks. On November 17th, at 17:00 ​​Gulf Standard Time (GST), this interactive, thought-provoking webinar will take you over land, sky, and sea to explore how this satellite technology can open new, exciting connectivity possibilities. SES Networks will assemble experts to discuss why SES has embraced the Cloud and how O3b mPOWER fits into that strategy.

As the number of connected devices and demand for bandwidth-intensive applications continues to soar, increasing quantities of data require high-performance connectivity. 

However, transmitting massive amounts of data is costly, infeasible in locations that lack reliable terrestrial communications infrastructure, and unsustainable with mainstay satellite services—driving the need for flexible high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity at the edge of the global internet. 

Building on the proven commercial success of our first-generation Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) constellation, O3b mPOWER enables a cloud-optimized network environment anywhere, with flexibility to support bandwidth-intensive, latency-sensitive cloud workloads, delivering dedicated private connections just one hop away from major cloud service providers.

This virtual fireside chat will dive into the network growth planning strategies and the part satellites play in this evolving ecosystem.  

As an added perk, anyone who registers and attends this webinar will qualify to win a new iPad or gift card! 

Click here to register today. 


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