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Lightpath Customer Spotlight

From a Network Management Challenge to a Lightpath FlexNet Success Story

 American Broadcast Employees Federal Credit Union turns to LP FlexNet

The American Broadcast Employees Federal Credit Union, with locations across New York, Connecticut, Washington, DC, Illinois, and California, serves employees and members of media companies such as ABC, WNET, Marvel, ESPN, and its subsidiaries, as well as some related media properties and consumer groups. Each of the seven branch offices and full-service ATMs is committed to staying competitive. This includes 24/7 reliability, speed, and flexibility needed to be “always connected.”

Always Connected

Anthony Shawy, Director of Communications & Development, ABEFCU, prioritizes customer satisfaction and understands how critical it is to have real-time visibility and control of their network. To retain business and enable growth into the future, Shawy understands how necessary a full picture is. It’s key to see what’s connected, where applications are going, monitor traffic in real-time, and also track firewall. 

To do so, ABEFCU began their search to replace their VPN and wireless backup with an SD-WAN solution. The solution wouldn’t just serve their needs, but also wouldn’t require many changes to their current network and firewall configurations. In fact, they wanted to match the current connections to their third parties without them needing to be involved in the SD-WAN conversion. A difficult feat? Not for Lightpath.

Lightpath Assembles the Dream Team

First, ABEFCU turned to secure a solution from another incumbent provider. After this attempt was unsuccessful, Shawy turned to Lightpath for a cost-effective, winning, custom solution. 

“We chose Lightpath because they offered a cost-effective solution and had provided excellent customer service.” – Anthony Shawy, Director of Communications & Development, ABEFCU 

Moreover, Patricia Polenz, Account Executive, Lightpath, worked with Shawy in the past and assisted in providing dual Internet access at the ABEFCU HQ on Long Island. Knowing a custom solution was the correct route, Polenz assembled a dream team. The team included Bill Cheslock, Product, Manjinder Singh and Jules DeLeon, Solutions Engineering, and Karen Meyer, Product Management, to curate a custom LP FlexNet solution. Lightpath collaborated extensively with Shawy to ensure they understood the full picture. Going the extra mile, Lightpath researched ABEFCU’s infrastructure and vendors to ensure their custom solution would be a sure win. 

“With Lightpath, you get a whole team. Collaborative Sales, Product, Engineering, and Project Management teams solved issues and got the solution to work in a way that met our needs while minimizing the internal work needed by ABEFCU. The deployed solution took work and testing from both sides, but Lightpath wasn’t siloed like other providers. The Engineers and Project Manager even remained involved with the installations and turn-ups to troubleshoot any issues along the way.” – Anthony Shawy, Director of Communications & Development, ABEFCU 

Check out this customer success story and read how, as a result, Lightpath helped achieve cost savings for ABEFCU along with transparency, proactive alert systems, less downtime, and faster repair times.

Learn More & Stay Connected

Lightpath’s expert team of network engineers, product managers, and account executives can therefore help your company develop customized network management solutions. Lightpath is committed to providing out-of-the-box thinking team, collaboration, and support to provide services that will better serve the needs of their customers.

To learn more about Lightpath as your Strategic Network Partner or LP FlexNet, visit lightpathfiber.com or call 877-544-4872. Connect with Lightpath on LinkedIn and YouTube to become part of a thriving network that values collaboration and growth. 

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