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Network Growth and Technology Advancement Creating Challenges for Connectivity Buyers and Sellers – Virtual Roundtable – July 22nd

“One of the biggest elements to get right for network providers is simply understood – but often the most complex to solve: How do I price my offerings to win and at the best margin?” – Ben Edmond, CEO, Connected2Fiber

In a recent article on location intelligence published by ISE, Connected2Fiber CEO Ben Edmond notes that telecom network growth in North America is prime for breakout levels. Edmond maintains, however, that ROI on fiber builds for network providers can be difficult with new entrants in the space, CapEx high, markets saturated, and new investments often producing disappointing returns. Half of all telcos surveyed by EY report “lack of return on investment” among the biggest challenges. As such, It has never been more important for operators to optimize win rates and profit margins in order to recoup spend on network expansion.

On July 22nd, Edmond and other industry thought leaders in the connectivity space will discuss the importance and evolution of network Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) processes and the technologies in the space as well as share their perspectives on where things are heading and how to prepare for success as the market evolves.

Title: The Evolution of Pricing In The Connectivity Industry
Time: July 22nd 2020 at 2:00pm EST


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