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NetSapiens Launches New Partner Alliance Program

NetSapiens, a B2B provider of Unified Communications solutions for service providers, recently unveiled a collaborative, cross-promotional platform for elevated vendor opportunities: the Partner Alliance Program. Delivering thought leadership, collaborative marketing and more, this program ensures the company’s partners can stay ahead of the curve — and the competition.

What’s Behind the Partner Alliance Program?

NetSapiens Partner Alliance ProgramToday, a growing number of businesses are looking for Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C), contact center and other as-a-service solutions that can help them work and sell better. However, a tight market makes closing deals with these businesses harder than it has ever been for providers.

Service providers need to do more than just offer what customers are demanding, because in a competitive landscape rich with options, this isn’t where the majority of the advantage lies. Instead, differentiation in the form of creative go-to-market strategies is where the industry is headed. Now, a new movement on the part of platform providers towards cooperative selling is delivering value to vendors in search of an advantage.

Fueled by NetSapiens’ rapid user growth of 70% in just over a year (now totaling 1.7M users), the Program offers universally beneficial product, brand and company elevation opportunities. These include sponsoring and speaking at NetSapiens and/or Partner events, as well as joint marketing, video, media and other targeted outreach initiatives.

In the words of Anand Buch, CEO at NetSapiens, “Investing in our partners’ growth is an investment in our own.” As a platform provider, NetSapiens believes that win-win partnerships are the only ones that survive. Through years of working closely with service providers, the company has developed a strong sense of what works (and what doesn’t) for partners seeking to differentiate themselves by wrapping more value around their offerings. Leveraging these insights, NetSapiens is eager to bring what it believes is an industry-leading partnership experience to the wider service provider market.


Even before formalizing their support for service provider vendors under the banner of the Partner Alliance Program, NetSapiens already had a track record of being an industry leader in helping its customers attract and retain clients. With the launch of the formal program, however, partners will benefit from more referrals and opportunities to fill the pipeline as well as access to exclusive resources. Here’s what some of NetSapiens’ existing partners have to say:

“NetSapiens and TelcoBridges have a very symbiotic relationship. We provide connectivity to the outside world and, together with NetSapiens, are able to deliver meaningful network transformation. We have easily aligned our business models. Moreover, we come to the market with a similar attitude and approach. We’re honored to be a Premier Partner in the NetSapiens Alliance Program.” – Alan Percy, CMO at TelcoBridges

“A great partnership; a great relationship. NetSapiens and Poly have jointly onboarded many service provider partners over the years. Our endpoints pair seamlessly with NetSapiens’ UCaaS offerings to keep things easy for service providers.” – Dave Finney, Director of Global Alliances at Poly

To learn more about NetSapiens and its Partner Alliance Program, click here.

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