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netnumber Global Data Services’ NumeriCheck Solution Enhances Telecom’s Fight Against Voice and Messaging Fraud

netnumber Global Data Services  is proud to deliver NumeriCheck, a comprehensive global number verification and validation service that provides the mobile ecosystem with a stronger, more comprehensive solution for combating communications fraud.

This product, part of the company’s ‘Trust’ pillar of its refreshed solution portfolio, ensures that brands, enterprises, and communications service providers can leverage real-time phone number intelligence data to reliably and accurately validate phone numbers to screen for potential fraud and meet stringent new policies.

“Robust fraud prevention solutions are no longer an option in the U.S. as a result of FCC motions, but even on a global scale, the highest degree of security and verification is an undeniable requirement,” comments Steve Legge, CEO of netnumber Global Data Services, the world-leading provider of phone number intelligence data. “We’re proud to offer NumeriCheck to take the guesswork out of remaining compliant with tightening demands on providers while helping to keep the global ecosystem safe from bad actors, vulnerabilities and malicious campaigns.”

How Does NumeriCheck Solve Fraud Challenges?

Watch this JSA TV Interview with Marco Lafrentz, Vice President of Business and Market Development. Watch now to learn more.

With the FCC’s recent crackdown, a new Report and Order now requires U.S. wireless carriers to implement heightened verification processes. At the same time, as security concerns grow across the global communications ecosystem, members of the telecom community must now ensure that they are optimizing their fraud prevention solutions for both messaging and voice origination and termination.

However, the complex nature and highly varied contexts of global messaging and voice exchange can make proper, robust validation difficult. For example, it is possible for a given phone number to be a valid destination for voice calls but invalid for text messaging and vice versa. To ensure mandates can be easily met for wireless providers and ensure global providers can generate enhanced trust across their ecosystem, the proper data-driven tool set is required.

The NumeriCheck solution is a global service that empowers carriers, enterprises and communications service providers to easily and powerfully address these different use cases, adjusting for nuances while maintaining optimized fraud prevention to meet evolving mandates.

For the NumeriCheck Media and Press kit, including a downloadable infographic, click here.

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