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netnumber Global Data Services Launches RCS Solution to Revolutionize Rich Communications

Rich Communication Services (RCS) and omnichannel messaging solutions are rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after, value-rich options for organizations across the globe looking to more effectively reach and delight target customers. In fact, a recent study reveals that 74% of consumers are more likely to engage with a brand through RCS. Meanwhile, on the end user side, customers are always looking for more extensive messaging capabilities. As the oft-proclaimed, more sophisticated next generation of traditional SMS or MMS options, RCS’s expanded features like location sharing, high-res multimedia and customization present an attractive promise. However, the RCS ecosystem is highly complex and fragmented, and this has created challenges for service providers looking to deliver this desirable messaging tool — until now. 

netnumber Global Data Services, the world-leading provider of phone number intelligence data, just introduced its new RCS Routing service, empowering Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) with the seamless ability to identify RCS-enabled phone numbers. 

The secret to this solution is its real-time RCS data and updates backed by industry-leading phone number intelligence service, which enables users to simplify their operations, significantly improve efficiency and ensure a better, more reliable overall mobile user experience. This phone number intelligence data includes detailed network and service attributes for telephone numbers globally, including enhanced, high-resolution network identification capabilities that are unique to netnumber Global Data Services. The company’s high-value, normalized and expertise-backed data is what drives enhanced routing, rating and billing, authentication and fraud prevention systems for customers across the globe. 

“We’ve created a new and simplified way for operators to receive the data they need to enable RCS message routing between users across platforms,” said Steve Legge, CEO of netnumber Global Data Services. “By providing this much-needed data, mobile operators everywhere can now deliver innovative RCS technology and features to increase user satisfaction and adaptability, ultimately delivering better messaging globally.” 

To learn more about netnumber Global Data Services’ RCS Routing service, click here.

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