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net number VP of Strategy

netnumber GDS Appoints New VP of Strategy: Tina M. Donaldson

For those looking to reinvent the landscape of global mobile communications, it’s clear that fostering productive relationships, promoting stewardship by collaborating with regulatory and industry bodies and delivering game-changing solutions forms the necessary trifecta of efforts. These are the three endeavors that netnumber Global Data Services, a world-leading provider of phone number intelligence data, has been spearheading for years. While recently the company unveiled their three-pillar product portfolio (which enables MNOs, CSPs and enterprises to champion anti-fraud and security efforts, create efficient routing and ensure easy provisioning), their latest announcement is a strategic addition to leadership. Today, the company announced its new VP of Strategy: Tina M. Donaldson

In her new role, Donaldson, who is an established member of the mobile and telecom industries, will be spearheading the growth of netnumber GDS’s collaboration with industry and regulatory bodies. She will also be instrumental in determining areas of strategic focus to help grow existing and new verticals for netnumber GDS. This leadership appointment is part of netnumber’s continuing strategic investment in its team, supporting the business in its ongoing growth journey. 

Donaldson, who previously served as the Director of Strategic Business Development for Twilio, brings keen, hyperscale-caliber insights from companies like Google, Android Enterprise, and more to the netnumber GDS team. At these leading companies, she has helped develop new and innovative technology and device strategies — a resume that delivers valuable synergies, which in turn will enhance netnumber GDS’s efforts to build trust, improve routing, and streamline provisioning for mobile providers and users across the global ecosystem. 

“netnumber GDS’s suite of solutions are truly changing the landscape of the mobile ecosystem, enabling complex phone number routing processes to become simple and cost-effective, reducing the risks and challenges of dealing with fraud, and supporting the easy delivery of advanced services,” notes Donaldson. “I’m very excited to join netnumber Global Data Services and guide the company as it continues to expand the role and recognition of these mission-critical services across the world.”

Steve Legge, the company’s CEO, had this to say about the exciting new addition to the netnumber Global Data Services team“As our new VP of Strategy, Tina will be an instrumental part of the netnumber GDS leadership team with a focus on accelerating our growth through collaboration and key industry partnerships, all of which are essential to building a safer, more innovative, and efficient mobile landscape.” He concludes, “She brings an impressive background and set of skills that we’re looking forward to incorporating into our expanding team, and we’re eager to see the results of her hard work reflected not only within our own organization but across this rapidly evolving industry.”

Of course, this is just the latest announcement in netnumber Global Data Services’ continued story — and the company continues to grow and evolve to lead the global mobile sphere as it seeks to meet the most pressing mandates of our day. 

To learn more about netnumber GDS, visit www.netnumber.com. To view this news, check out the company’s press release here.

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