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netnumber Defines a Strategic New Category for Mobile Ecosystem Protection and Innovation: NIaaS

Sometimes, maintaining positive momentum against forces like mobile communications fraud and increasing ecosystem complexity requires a wholly new type of solution. Today, netnumber, a world leader in phone number intelligence data, unveils a new service category that takes aim at a range of mobile challenges to build new levels of reliability, agility and innovation: NIaaS (Number Intelligence as a Service). This newly created service category empowers customers to holistically leverage global, real-time, granular and normalized data to combat growing fraud concerns and support evolving regulatory requirements. 

Across netnumber’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions, its massive repository of behavioral data, porting histories and other necessary information about global phone numbers helps customers build better routing, provision advanced mobile services and protect against sophisticated fraud. In fact, netnumber has built some of the largest and most highly adopted tools within the mobile ecosystem, providing granular, normalized intelligence for all 10+ billion phone numbers in the world. Now, netnumber takes its offering a step forward by unveiling NIaaS.

By encapsulating this data into an as-a-service model, the company further supports a rapidly evolving communications landscape, mitigating fraud with NIaaS’s ability to optimize provisioning, routing and fraud prevention measures. This includes added protection from even sophisticated instances of Artificially Inflated Traffic (AIT), brand impersonation, account takeover, spoofing and more.

Watch this video to learn more about NIaaS: 

This as-a-Service model of number intelligence data consumption makes advanced insight easier and more accessible than ever, offering visibility into communications ecosystems at the phone number level. This reduces the risk of fraud at the source, delivering convenient access to key attributes like operator and line type information, porting history, reachability insights, risk assessments and much more. 

From account protection and validation to fraud prevention, NIaaS delivers an accessible, easy, comprehensive platform for cultivating advanced verification protocols and protecting communications ecosystems with the help of accurate, real-time data. 

“The industry is actively pursuing innovative approaches to controlling the wide variety of fraud schemes that continue to escalate and increase in sophistication,” said Steve Legge, CEO of netnumber, the world-leading provider of phone number intelligence data.In analyzing these activities, it’s clear that one constant cuts across all these malicious techniques – the phone number,” he added.

Since phone numbers are a trusted, unique identifier across the globe, this makes them a common target for exploitation by bad actors. Furthermore, banks, internet service providers and enterprises of all sorts leverage end-user phone numbers as verification sources and avenues for rich brand communications. As a result, verifying the accuracy and validity of phone number information in real time while protecting the integrity of the phone number itself is a crucial factor for reducing misuse and abuse. 

By enabling customers to receive phone number intelligence data at near instantaneous speeds, NIaaS stands to become one of the most notable steps forward for mobile communications in today’s industry landscape.To read the full press release, click here.

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