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Mutare Earns Multiple Cybersecurity Awards

Mutare Earns Multiple Cybersecurity Industry Awards for Groundbreaking Voice Channel Security Solution

The awards are stacking up for Mutare, the market leader in voice security solutions. The company was recently honored for its Voice Traffic Filter, an innovative enterprise voice network filtering and breach protection application. Mutare was named Cybersecurity Service Provider of the Year in the 2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, in addition to earning multiple gold-level awards for anti-vishing, breach protection and communication fraud protection. The company was also named a gold winner for breach attack protection in the 2023 Globee Cybersecurity Awards.  

Both distinguished award programs recognize cybersecurity companies for their innovative approaches, leadership and effective solutions in information security. The awards aim to raise awareness about cybersecurity issues and honor those who have made significant contributions in protecting organizations from cyber threats.

“We are thrilled to be recognized five times over for our leading Voice Traffic Filter solution and to have the opportunity to shine a bright light on the rapidly growing threat of vishing, which has increased 550% in just the last year alone,” said Chuck French, Mutare’s Chief Growth Officer. “These awards reflect Mutare’s commitment to helping enterprises purify their voice network traffic and combat the rising threats impacting an often-overlooked channel – the voice network – which can lead to costly data breaches, a dramatic reduction in CSAT and significant organizational productivity losses.”

In addition to being recognized as a leader in voice cybersecurity, Mutare is expanding its arsenal in the intensifying fight against unwanted voice traffic impacting businesses by developing strategic partnerships with top Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) providers. 

“These new partnerships will supercharge our efforts to bring an end to the damaging effect of both nuisance and nefarious calls,” said French. “We are absolutely thrilled about the relationships we are building with some of the most innovative CCaaS platforms and people in the world.”

Learn more about Mutare’s recent awards here and for additional information on its new CCaaS partnership strategy, click here

Mutare is on site at Enterprise Connect in Orlando, Florida, through March 30. To learn more about ways to combat unwanted voice traffic, visit the Mutare team at Booth 2209 or visit mutare.com.

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