Mutare Announces Vishing Webinar to Protect Enterprise Voice Network

Smishing, phishing, vishing. All three were on the rise in 2022. In the case of vishing, or voice phishing, attacks grew 550%, and nearly 50% of companies reported they had experienced at least one vishing attempt last year. 

Mutare, a software solutions provider leading the charge to enhance security in the workplace through transformative voice and text filters, expects that these fraudulent calls are here to stay. As criminals turn their attention to the far more lucrative target of company employees, businesses need to protect the enterprise voice network, the most neglected, yet vulnerable endpoint. Left unprotected, companies are vulnerable to not only vishing attacks, but also robocalls and a host of nuisance and nefarious phone calls that are both a waste of time and resources.

Mutare will address this topic during a free vishing awareness webinar on Wednesday, Jan. 25, at 1 p.m. (ET). 

Nearly every company across the globe uses the telephone to connect with and support its customers, suppliers, business partners, employees and others. In many cases, the telephone has been overlooked as a path for potential harm. Unfortunately, cyber threats are ever-evolving, and getting more creative, complex, professional and dangerous. At the same time, the impacts, or losses, are growing and have potential to cripple the most viable business.

The webinar What is Vishing? will take a deep look into the problem of fraudulent voice calls where a threat agent manages to contact an employee by phone and con them into divulging protected information or account login credentials. In 2022, at least two high-profile companies were targets of vishing attacks resulting in financial and data loss. 

Cisco Technologies was victim of data loss after a vishing attack in May 2022. Cybercriminals called a hacked employee multiple times, using social engineering techniques to convincingly imitate a trusted source. Then, they compelled the victim to authorize multi-factor authentication. 

Similarly, Twilio suffered a June 2022 vishing incident when an attacker targeted employees by phone and, using social engineering techniques, was able to trick at least one of them into providing login credentials over the phone. This enabled the hackers to gain access to hundreds of customers’ contact information. 

Mutare has analyzed more than 132 million business calls as part of its efforts to fight nuisance and nefarious calls. Their data shows 26% of all incoming enterprise calls are unwanted, 9% of those being identified as robocalls, and the other 19% labeled as spoof calls, which could lead to a vishing attack.

With Mutare’s unique ability to access and analyze enterprise voice network data, the company will continue to build on its growing base of knowledge. In the process, Mutare is freely sharing that knowledge so businesses can better understand and plan for what is inevitably going to be a war against robocalls and voice spam.

Learn more about vishing and how to protect your voice network at the Mutare webinar, What is Vishing? Background, Definitions, High Profile Attacks & How to Protect the Enterprise, on Wednesday, Jan. 25, at 1 p.m. (ET).

Don’t let your voice network cost you in 2023.


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