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MobileWare is Transforming Global Connectivity, One Quick Service Restaurant at a Time

It’s a fact that businesses need full control over the quality of their connectivity anywhere in the world. A fully redundant network is necessary to harness the productivity, scalability and security that keep operations running without interruption. However, finding the right “fit” for quick service restaurants (QSR) can be a challenge, but MobileWare is up to the task.

For a well-known, international QSR, a multi-carrier solution with efficiency, scalability and edge computing capabilities was a priority to keep its 3,000 locations connected. At the time, the QSR was using a single carrier for its global connectivity, but didn’t have adequate coverage for many of its locations. And organizations know that they are only as successful as their connectivity.

After an extensive search, the QSR determined MobileWare’s unique Single SIM multi-carrier solution added efficiency and scalability to its edge computing needs at all of its locations. As an industry leader in IoT solutions, MobileWare was able to transform the connectivity at critical network endpoints to help the QSR complete online orders.

A recently published case study details how MobileWare’s Single SIM card and data connectivity services optimized the QSR’s daily operations to become more productive and efficient to better serve their customers.

“MobileWare’s simple, seamless and scalable mobile connectivity solutions are revolutionizing the way we do business,” said Steven Higgins, President of MobileWare. “The MobileWare Single SIM is a proven tech-forward mobile solution that enables Fortune 500s to enterprises of all sizes to survive, thrive, and remain relevant and competitive while meeting and exceeding today’s digital demands.”

For more information on MobileWare’s Single SIM solution, visit mobilewareus.com or contact the MobileWare team at [email protected].

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