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Maven Wave Publishes New eBook at Google Cloud Summit Seattle: The Top 5 Barriers To Building A Modern Data Platform (And How To Overcome Them)

Today, to kick off Google Cloud Summit Seattle, Maven Wave announces the publication of its new eBook, The Top 5 Barriers To Building A Modern Data Platform (And How To Overcome Them). The piece, written by Maven Wave’s Managing Director, Todd Truesdell, examines why too many companies end up curtailing or pausing their journey to the cloud and provides strategies for avoiding these roadblocks. Truesdell also provides a glimpse into the best practices and tools Maven Wave implements when supporting customers with their IT modernization efforts.

The eBook breaks down impediments most companies encounter when planning and executing cloud migrations into five primary barriers and offers strategies for mitigating them:

  • Security – concerns that the cloud is less safe than traditional environments can be ameliorated with zero-trust policies and automation, actually rendering you safer.
  • Understanding and Controlling Cloud Costs – mapping traditional IT in its existing configuration to the cloud typically increases costs, but with expert assistance, you can better understand your assets before and after migration to optimize TCO.
  • Transforming Your Team’s Technology Skills – downstream organization resistance can be eliminated with a strong change management regiment.
  • Complexity of the Existing Data Environment – trying to transform a labyrinth of legacy applications is incredibly discouraging, but a piecemeal approach starting with the most high-impact use cases galvanize teams to support the effort.
  • Lack of Mature Cloud Data Operations – lack of familiarity with data operations prevents many companies from extracting the most value out of their modernization effort, but embracing Agile upfront, to educate stakeholders.

Maven Wave helps customers establish modern data platforms by refactoring workloads in a conscientious piecemeal approach to guarantee success. Applications are migrating to the cloud with full understanding of their unique specifications to maximize the value of data warehouse assets.

Click here to view the eBook now available for download.

Maven Wave is a Signature Sponsor at Google Cloud Summit Seattle, taking place on September 17th at the Washington State Convention Center. If you are attending the event,  stop by Booth S-04 or attend our speaking session, “The Top 5 Barriers to Building a Modern Data Platform and How to Overcome Them,” taking place from 11:40am to 12:10pm PT.

To learn more about Maven Wave, please visit www.mavenwave.com.

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