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Maven Wave Launches data-describe to Address Common Data Analytics Challenges 

Technology and consulting firm Maven Wave, an Atos company, just released its first open source project, data-describe, which is designed to tackle common data analytics challenges for machine learning and more. data-describe, an open source toolkit for inspecting, illuminating, and investigating enormous amounts of unknown data, solves common exploratory data analysis (EDA) challenges such as: 

  • repetitive tasks
  • data size limitations
  • privacy issues with machine learning data
  • and more! 

With enterprise data sets rapidly growing in size and data analysis applications multiplying constantly, data-describe helps data scientists streamline EDA so they can focus on analysis over coding.

In today’s data-driven environment, data scientists often struggle to establish a clear understanding of their data environments. By profiling data and revealing its true landscape, data-describe offers a rich set of tools chained together to automate common data analysis tasks. This innovative project is being brought to life by a team with more than 40 years of data science experience, including Maven Wave’s Managing Director and Data Science Lead, Brian Ray, and well-known open source contributor and Maven Wave consultant Yuan Tang.

 “After using data-describe for the initial data exploration phase of several projects, we were amazed at the value it delivers,” says Brian Ray, Managing Director, Global Data Science Lead at Maven Wave. “Allowing us to tackle data obstacles quickly, data-describe cuts in half the time it takes to set up projects and complete common initial data tasks. The Maven Wave data science team solves complex analytical problems for enterprises through the power of data science combined with cloud enablement; data-describe allows us to accelerate that process so our clients can more effectively and economically adopt emerging technology.”

For more information on this new tool, visit the data-describe website. For the full data-describe announcement, click here.

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