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milestones by lightpath route miles service locations and wireless towers

Massive Milestones Reached Placing Lightpath as THE Rapidly Growing Fiber Operator

Reaching 20,000 Route Miles, 13,500 Service Locations, and 2,000 Wireless Towers 

Fueling Customer Demand – A team with a strong vision was born when Altice and MSIP created Lightpath in 2021. CEO Chris Morley, CRO Doug Dalissandro, and CTO Phil Olivero have teamed up to tackle the high demand for customized all-fiber connectivity that’s been rapidly on the rise. Since its inception, Lightpath has been front and center to fulfill all of these aggressive demands. The company just announced milestones across its fiber footprint, which has been no small feat – 20,000 route miles, 13,500 service locations, and 2,000 wireless towers across the network.

“Over the past 16 months, Lightpath has evolved into a rapidly growing fiber operator, adding thousands of route miles of network, adding thousands of new service locations, more than doubling the number of wireless towers we serve, and even adding several new markets including Greater Boston.” –Chris Morley, CEO of Lightpath 

16 Month Look Back – To marvel at a few of Lightpath’s many milestones check the following out:

     Milestone of 2,000 contracted wireless tower sites in-service or in-process, including 10G and dark fiber services.

Critical Digital Connectivity – With 30+ years in the fiber infrastructure industry, Lightpath has developed the densest network among competitive fiber operators in the New York Metro region, with Massachusetts on the rise. Lightpath has been an inspirational force to be reckoned with, supporting carriers, healthcare organizations, wireless operators, financial services, educators, government, hyperscalers, and Fortune 100 enterprises. The last 16 months for Lightpath have been filled with exponential growth and building a strong foundation for customer trust along the way. The epitome of excellence – Lightpath will continue to expand its all-fiber connectivity wherever their customers need them to.

Follow Lightpath on LinkedIn. For more information, visit www.lightpathfiber.com.


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