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Lightspeed Construction Group

Lightspeed Construction Group Blasts Into The Future With A New Name and a New Look

A new industry player has emerged in the form of Lightspeed Construction Group. The company aims to shake up telecom construction and installation with a unique vision and mission based around a people-first approach.

Lightspeed president Ed DeLong sees the potential for huge success in building a new company focused on a collaborative organizational culture. “The leadership team at Lightspeed wanted to start a company where everyone has a voice, and every voice is valued”, explains DeLong. “We believe that when we invest in extraordinary people, we produce extraordinary results. We’ve built a company where people are the lifeblood of our organization — from our trusted and talented employees, to the clients we serve, to the many communities we impact”. With the network building and fulfillment market looking at a current shortage of employees and contractors, DeLong thinks Lightspeed’s outlook can make an impact in the industry.

The goal is for Lightspeed to become the nation’s preeminent builder of communications infrastructure for telecom, cloud, cable, state and local government and utilities. Currently they offer design, engineering, construction, installation and maintenance services that are custom to each client.

The new company is backed by Full Circle Fiber Partners, a portfolio of companies providing broadband communications construction, engineering and project management services that includes MTC Engineering, Reel Broadband, and Kennedy Broadband. Full Circle acquired Noble Broadband and Knight Broadband in 2020, and combined the companies last year under a new leadership team, forming Lightspeed Construction Group.

Even with a new leadership team, Lightspeed is not an entirely from-scratch organization, as they have the advantage of a head start by assuming existing partnerships and market positions previously held by its predecessors. The new company features 25 locations across the United States that offer a full suite of engineering, construction, and fulfillment solutions for all critical communications infrastructure. Of course, DeLong is banking on the idea that Lightspeed can elevate itself to something greater than the sum of its parts based on its people-first attitude. This unique way of doing business is already on display in several areas around the country, as Lightspeed has several major projects underway in Texas, Alabama, Florida, New Jersey, and the Carolinas.

For more information check out Lightspeed’s new website here, or register for their upcoming contractor and employee recruiting webinar called Lightspeed Ahead here.

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