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Industry Veteran Jim Brinksma Joins LightRiver Team

LightRiver’s Visionary Leadership Expansion is Breaking Boundaries in Optical Networking

Industry Veteran Jim Brinksma Joins LightRiver Team

In an industry where innovation is the key to staying ahead, LightRiver is making a bold move to reshape the landscape of optical networking. With the strategic appointment of seasoned SaaS professional, Jim Brinksma, as their Senior Vice President of Software Solutions, LightRiver is poised to amplify their influence and set new industry standards.

Brinksma’s extensive experience in the world of networking and software brings a fresh perspective to LightRiver’s vision. As a pioneer in the field, he has been at the forefront of transformative technologies, and his collaboration with LightRiver marks a significant milestone in the evolution of optical networking.

This dynamic partnership between a SaaS expert like Brinksma and LightRiver’s team of optical networking specialists is set to create a powerful synergy. By combining their expertise, they are primed to revolutionize the way networks are built, managed, and automated.

“Jim’s appointment comes at a crucial time as we expand the delivery of cutting-edge, next-generation optical networking technologies, software-defined networks, and automated wavelength monitoring services.” – Mike Jonas, CEO of LightRiver. 

Brinksma and LightRiver are on a mission to redefine industry standards, and the impact of this collaboration will extend far beyond LightRiver’s walls. Their joint efforts will drive innovation, efficiency, and practical automation in the realm of open optical networking. Through this collaboration, they aim to empower network operators worldwide with advanced technologies that will transform their operations and revolutionize the overall network infrastructure.

“My focus will be on harnessing our capabilities to deliver unparalleled value to our customers and to solidify LightRiver’s position as a leader in this dynamic industry.” – Jim Brinksma

As the optical networking landscape evolves, Jim Brinksma’s appointment signifies a turning point. It is a testament to LightRiver’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve and their unwavering commitment to innovation. To learn more about LightRiver, visit: https://lightriver.com/.

You can also meet the team next week at PTC’24 – email [email protected] to book your meeting! 

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