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LightRiver Open XR Forum

LightRiver, Innolight Technology and DZS Join Open XR Forum to Advance Software-Defined Optical Networks

Today, the Open XR Forum, the multi-source agreement (MSA) working group for XR optics, announced that three additional industry leaders have joined its ranks: LightRiver, Innolight Technology (Suzhou) Ltd. and DZS. These three notable companies bring forth their extensive expertise in order to advance the deployment of software-defined point-to-point and point-to-multipoint coherent optical networks. 

The demand for higher bandwidths and increased network scalability makes technology like this invaluable. This open forum offers an opportunity for multiple vendors to collaborate on creating solutions that will save customers time and money with reduced CAPEX while making their networks more flexible. The integration of XR optics pluggable transceiver technology into these networks gives them the ability to quickly and efficiently transport traffic patterns.   

“LightRiver is delighted to partner in this important technology initiative,” added Mike Jonas, President, Global Customer Operations at LightRiver. “XR technology changes the network economics for many operators, and netFLEX automation will help ensure technical versatility and operational simplicity.”

Open XR Forum is an multi-source agreement (MSA) consortium that works with network operators, equipment vendors and component suppliers to create a reliable, cost-effective optical solution for networks. This solution, known as XR optics, solves the challenges of traffic misalignment, scalability issues and lack of flexibility faced by network operators. It allows them to cost-effectively meet the ever-growing demand for their services. 

To learn more about becoming a member of the OpenXR Forum and taking part in this journey towards efficient and cost effective network solutions, please visit www.openxrforum.org.

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