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LightRiver Debuts First netFLEX “Demo-Jam”

Every problem has a solution and every solution has an outcome, however in most cases the time it takes to get from the problem to solution and outcome is extensively time consuming. That’s where LightRiver’s netFLEX® Circuit Analysis Tool (CAT)TM comes into play.

When a service impact in the optical transport domain occurs today, technician time and understanding to resolve is excessive and reactive. The tech must determine service-path (from static OSS or disparate EMS’), nodes traversed, familiarity with all nodes involved to login/run troubleshooting commands to isolate and resolve the issue. This can take 20-30 minutes, requires vast understanding of the technologies involved, and occurs ‘much after the fact.’

With netFLEX® a single UI-click or API-call against the customer’s circuit initiates netFLEX CAT to automatically determine the service path from ‘active inventory,’ automatically retrieves critical information for each node, presents a single-analysis-view, and most probable isolation for remediation. Control automation options are then presented to restore service.

Learn all about LightRiver’s CAT, while jamming out to some awesome music from LightRiver’s own Sr. Support Engineer, Lynn Cooper, with the debut of the company’s brand new netFLEX Demo-Jam series. Watch here:

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