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LightRiver netFLEX

LightRiver Announces New netFLEX® Release 4.6.1

As more service providers begin to embrace Network-as-a-Service (NaaS), LightRiver’s latest release of netFLEX® 4.6.1 is an important step forward in supporting this growing trend. With its expanded support for open optical technologies and new API-driven innovations, netFLEX enables service providers to easily manage multi-vendor networks and deliver a better customer experience.

With its advanced support for open optical technologies like DWDM Open Line Systems, Coherent Pluggable Optics, Switch/Router Packet Edge, and next generation DCI/Transponders, netFLEX allows service providers to easily automate complex network deployments and keep pace with the latest technology innovations. And thanks to its powerful API-first approach, netFLEX also enables service providers to easily integrate network data and analytics into their existing systems and applications.

Examples of new technologies now supported by LightRiver’s netFLEX and Alien Aware Networking include: 

  • Continued expansion of Cisco Routed Optical Networking and 82xx routers, Acacia ZR/ZR+ optics and NCS product line
  • Further expansion of the Infinera GX product line
  • Marvell coherent pluggable optics and whitebox switch/router (Teralynx and SONiC NOS)
  • Latest Smartoptics DCP-R-9D OLS ROADM
  • Core Open Line System advancements to Adva FSP, Ciena 6500, Infinera XTM, and Nokia 1830

“As network disaggregation within the transport domain builds momentum as prompted by supply chain issues and network consolidation with IP-over-DWDM to free up space and power, LightRiver continues to lead the industry based on key suppliers and technologies supported for end-to-end management within netFLEX,” states Scotty Benda, Chief Product Officer of LightRiver. “Across the board, each one of our netFLEX customers is leveraging the platform to simplify complex multi-vendor networks to improve Customer Experience.”

“We are excited to see many netFLEX customers leverage our network-as-the-source APIs to empower their end customers for self-serve applications,” concludes Travis Ewert, Chief Operating Officer of LightRiver Software. “The ability for large enterprises to get access to network health, self-test, capacity, and broader information that is real-time in nature, as provided by their service provider, is definitely a game changer for Wavelength Service offerings.”

Read the full release here.

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