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LightRiver and Smartoptics Come Together to Bring ‘Plug-and-Play’ Networking Capabilities to Customers

LightRiver® has now teamed up with Smartoptics, a provider of innovative optical networking solutions and devices. Together, the duo will bring and accelerate the design, delivery and automation of its leading open line, Optical Disaggregation Networking Solutions. 

Smartoptics and its DCP family of open line systems, combined with LightRiver’s Factory Built Network® , has created a relationship that has already sped production network delivery to content delivery network, online gaming and game creation system customers.  

“With an open architecture, the functionality of optical transport systems can be disaggregated, using embedded transceivers, Open Line Systems and Optical Domain Control. This results in a much better price and performance for customers,” states Per Burman, Chief Marketing Officer of Smartoptics. “We are extremely pleased to partner with LightRiver, thus being able to provide customers with our DCP-M family of truly Open Line Systems, managed by netFLEX® , which can help break vendor lock-in. We understand that even with the significant advantages that disaggregated networks provide, there are also challenges, such as controlling the optical domain end-to-end. netFLEX addresses this challenge and gives customers control over their optical network.” 

“Plug-and-play is only effective if your software driven controls enable life-cycle network and service automation of the disparate, interconnected network elements,” comments Dean Campbell, Chief Technology Officer for LightRiver. “As network disaggregation continues to grow in importance for network operators of all sizes, LightRiver has expanded the product portfolio around engineering and design, Factory Built Networks, equipment sourcing, and network automation to accommodate a growing base of disaggregation use cases. Our Network Disaggregation Development Labs now reflect a vast plug-and-play ecosystem of products with Smartoptics as one of the core solutions and netFLEX orchestrating and managing all of the unique combinations.”

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