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LightRiver and Precision Solutions

LightRiver and Precision Solutions Team Up to Bring Powerful Networking to South America

The world of optical networking, particularly in the southern hemisphere, just got a major boost thanks to the new strategic partnership between LightRiver and Precision Solutions. This innovative collaboration will provide South American customers with a powerful new platform for managing their optical hardware – netFLEX®, LightRiver’s Transport Domain Orchestration and Control Software solution.

netFLEX is designed to tackle the complex challenges posed by disparate vendors, technologies and networks. By leveraging this advanced tool, businesses in South America can break free from vendor lock-in and gain greater control over how they view their optical networks. As Eduardo Ken, CEO of Precision Solutions, notes, “The South American market, specifically Brazil, has several customer tiers. From big international players to small ISPs, all of them will benefit from the operational capacity and simplicity that only netFLEX can offer.”

The partnership between LightRiver and Precision Solutions will also provide existing netFLEX customers with access to local support, meaning that those who purchase the platform can get help in their native language. This is a major advantage for businesses, as it allows them to quickly and easily troubleshoot any issues they may encounter.

“We are honored to work with Precision Solutions and expand our netFLEX offering on a greater global scale,” states Mike Jonas, President, Global Customer Operations for LightRiver. “Our award-winning netFLEX serves as an essential tool for companies worldwide, ensuring customers’ success with optical networking and management.” 

Overall, this new agreement is good news for anyone looking to maximize their efficiency when managing optical networks in South America. With netFLEX at their disposal, companies now have a powerful tool that can help them achieve greater control over how they view their hardware.

Read the full press release here.

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