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LightRiver and Douglas Fast Net

LightRiver and Douglas Fast Net Work Together to Future-Proof Oregon’s Backbone Network

In an exciting new collaboration, LightRiver, a leading optical network integration solution provider, has joined forces with Douglas Fast Net (DFN), a subsidiary of Douglas Electric Cooperative, to future-proof Oregon’s regional backbone network. The strategic agreement aims to ensure long-term capacity and connectivity for the state, taking an important step towards providing top-tier Wave services and internet access to rural communities in Oregon.

The project includes implementing a 7-node Reconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer (ROADM) network across Oregon. LightRiver’s expertise in optical network solutions and its proprietary Factory Built Network® Process (FBN) ensured a fast and predictable deployment. The FBN process guarantees functionality in a controlled environment before the equipment is deployed in the field.

DFN also selected Arista for its core routed network upgrade, featuring 400G ZR+ optics to strengthen the network further. This upgrade encompasses a ring topology over the Smartoptics DCP-R-9D ROADM network, incorporating “Alien Waves” to interconnect regional locations with 400G ZR+ optics. This innovative approach enables cost-efficient 100G and high-capacity 400G connections, tailored to the specific needs of each region.

“LightRiver is excited to help Douglas Fast Net architect, deploy and support its new Open Optical Platform,” states Matt Briley, SVP of LightRiver. “We believe that it will allow DFN to provide competitive Wave services to customers in the region for many years and strongly position them for growth in the coming years.” 

“Douglas Fast Net first turned to LightRiver to solve a point-to-point network requirement and because we were so impressed with its engineering resources, we leaned on the team again to help design a new 500km DWDM transport network that would support the core network upgrade to 400G links to rural communities such as Coquille and Reedsport, Oregon,” comments Jon Vradenburg, CTO for DFN. “We liked the idea of using 400G coherent optics directly in our new routers and we were confident that LightRiver could make this happen across our new ROADM system. The training and support from LightRiver were really amazing and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship.” 

“The DFN deployment is a perfect example of a truly open solution, harnessing the great flexibility of the latest ROADM technology. By allowing cost-efficient 100G to be deployed alongside 400G, the DCP-404 shows how Smartoptics’ offering can be tailored to regional networks,” concludes Magnus Grenfeldt, CEO of Smartoptics. “We are pleased that LightRiver once again found Smartoptics to be the best solution in its rigorous evaluation process. Together, we will continue to advocate for more open networking and ‘embrace the alien.’”

The LightRiver and DFN collaboration represents a significant step forward in delivering advanced optical network solutions that bridge the connectivity gap for rural communities while ensuring scalability for the Oregon region. Read the full press release here.

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