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Lightpath’s New York Expansion Adds Additional 300+ Route Miles of Fiber

Look Out New York Metro! There’s No Slowing Down Lightpath

One of Lightpath’s many missions is to go where their customers want to be. With the 5G network rollout of a major wireless provider as the catalyst, Lightpath was immediately driven to expand. Today, Lightpath announced a series of significant network expansions across the New York Metro Region, totaling an additional 300 route miles to Lightpath’s already dense fiber network. 

These expansion miles can be seen throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Manhattan will see express fiber routes up and down the entire borough with 50 miles of new network alone. The total 300 additional route miles will not only further densify the network to reach more customers, but will also serve thousands of government, education, and enterprise customers. 

“5G wireless network deployments require incredibly dense fiber networks to backhaul and aggregate the massive bandwidths that they support. Expanding our fiber footprint in New York Metro to accommodate 5G is going to bring our network to thousands of new organizations. Lightpath already had the largest and deepest, by far, all-fiber network in New York Metro (among competitive fiber providers) and now we will be able to serve even more customers in the market.” – Chris Morley, CEO of Lightpath

In addition to supporting the 5G wireless deployment, customers in the New York Metro area will have access to Lightpath’s portfolio of all-fiber solutions, including but not limited to Optical Transport up to 800 Gbps, Ethernet, Internet Access, PrivateNetworks, Dark Fiber, SD-WAN, Security Solutions, Voice Services, and other Managed Services.

The New York Metro has seen immense growth since June of 2021, with the Queens 100+ route mile news, as well as a new Manhattan office in May of 2022. To add to the exciting Lightpath news, they announced their entrance into the sizzling Miami market just last month. 

Lightpath has continued to gain tremendous momentum in 2022. In 2021, Lightpath announced 1,000 wireless sites which grew to 2,000 wireless sites come May 2022. What’s more, since May, this number has grown to over 2,500 sites throughout the Lightpath footprint. Lightpath is committed to connecting customers to digital destinations and their growth will only continue.

Follow Lightpath’s latest news and developments on LinkedIn and for more information, visit www.lightpathfiber.com.

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