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Collaboration Culture

Collaborative Culture: Lightpath’s Blueprint for Achieving Success

Collaborative Culture: Lightpath’s Blueprint for Achieving Success

Today’s most successful organizations increasingly recognize the importance of fueling collaboration strategies to accelerate innovation and achieve success. Research by Frost & Sullivan reveals that companies prioritizing organizational collaboration witness a remarkable 41% improvement in customer satisfaction ratings and a substantial 27% increase in sales. Many prominent organizations provide compelling examples of a collaborative company culture that produces outstanding results with gains in efficiency, work quality, innovation, and overall job satisfaction. For example, Cisco conducted an internal survey that their increased collaboration efforts and incremental productivity boosts are worth a whopping $811 million annually.

Read on for important steps to implement along with a Dark Fiber Connectivity Case Study featuring Lightpath’s collaborative culture. 

Accelerate Innovation: Five Steps to Strategically Implement Collaboration

Lightpath shares the five following steps to ensure successful outcomes:

  1. Lead with a clear vision.
  2. Break down silos.
  3. Leverage technology to facilitate collaborative communication. 
  4. Encourage open dialogues, questions, innovative thinking, and accountability.
  5. Publicize and reward collaborative successes internally.

Read more about this five step process here.

Transforming Patient Care: A Lightpath Case Study

Lightpath’s dedication to building a collaborative culture throughout its entire organization is paramount to its ability to provide innovative solutions, superior service delivery, and an unparalleled customer journey. 

A Lightpath healthcare customer sought out a new connectivity solution that could ensure the highest levels of reliability and security across their multiple locations. They faced discouragement from other vendors as they did not have the type of existing fiber connectivity to provide the solution they were looking for. Enter Lightpath. Employing a consultative approach, their cross-functional teams evaluated the hospital’s imperative need for fast, secure, and reliable data transport.

Next, Lightpath solutions teams across IT, Engineering, Product, and Service Delivery crafted a solution featuring Dark Fiber connectivity for predictable throughput performance, reliability, speed, and security for each location while planning for an easy transition for increased bandwidth to accommodate future data growth. Upon acceptance, Lightpath’s Service Delivery team promptly facilitated the implementation of new Dark Fiber across their locations. 

“This solution was a game changer for the hospital and necessary for them to achieve their goals of providing continued excellent, timely healthcare to their community. The cross-functional collaboration we have established at Lightpath helps us serve our customers better, as every team member is in lockstep to improve work processes, develop faster solutions, and react nimbly to any problems that may arise” – Kenneth Florenz, Sr. Director of Products, Lightpath

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