JSA is proud to offer the following service segments for the tech and telecom industries: public relations, marketing, design and event planning

JSA Communications

Public Relations


This is where you stand on the stage, sing your song in perfect pitch and get noticed.  This is your constant positive and persuasive message that grows your brand recognition and over time, your brand worth.  Our role is to provide you with the strategy, the song, the stage, the spotlight and the audience.  Your role is to sing.  Yup, fun and profitable.  We should also note that we utilize the very best of technology to make sure your song is heard and in tune.

JSA Design



This is where we make sure your toolbox is well-equipped with the latest tracking and measurement tools, ensuring that you are kings of your keywords, and providing relevant offers and information to targeted leads that result in faster time to market and faster time to sale.  Your inbound marketing should be just that– delivering you inbound leads.  You should be attending events that deliver you inbound leads. Your website should be delivering you inbound leads.  Bottom line: any dollar you spend towards marketing should be earning real revenue for you.

JSA Events

Event Planning


Tired of attending the same old trade shows or shelling out cash for customer dinners and not seeing real value for it?  Yup.  Stinks.  What you need is to transform your appreciation into an experience; transform your trade show into a series of well-targeted prospect meetings; transform your media blitz into an engaging roundtable.  JSA is the leader in event transformation.  Whether it’s understanding new events that are coming on the scene that could be potentially hosting all your new prospects in one room — or booking a boat cruise or golf tournament for your industry friends and colleagues, JSA can ensure point-by-point strategy and professional execution.