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Supporting your organization’s marketing priorities and goals.

JSA Services

brand positioning

JSA’s team is highly experienced in all things branding: from fine tuning your company’s existing brand voice to leading a full re-brand with a fresh approach to your messaging, positioning and visual assets that reflect your brand identity.

As part of the onboarding process with each new JSA client, we lead the company’s key stakeholders through a strategy workshop, to take a deep-dive into your brand pillars and messaging. 

The core messaging that results from that workshop is then applied to the client’s content and visual assets, including potentially the company’s website design & site navigation, new and/or enhanced website content, social media handles and/or lead generation tools, tailored to the company’s needs, resources and timeline.

Our brand positioning services include:

JSA Services

Public relations

A well-crafted public relations strategy is vital for managing your organization’s reputation, influencing public opinion and achieving your goals.

Through strategic communication plan development and execution, JSA’s team can help your company build trust, credibility and lasting relationships with stakeholders, which are essential for sustained success in today’s competitive business environment.

Our public relations services include:

JSA Services

Digital Marketing

JSA’s expert digital marketing team, supported by HubSpot and leading SEO, digital advertising and AI platforms, are available to empower any client campaign, event or news announcement, thereby increasing visibility, engagement and opt-ins.

Enhance your brand awareness and achieve top search engine rankings with a natural blend of technical on-page optimization, targeted content creation and strategic digital advertising. See sustainable increases in organic traffic conversion and overall page authority, while your ad spend goes farther with data-qualified bid strategies.

Our digital marketing services include:

JSA Services

Event marketing

From concept to completion, live events or virtual productions, our in-house event planners ensure events run smoothly, stay within budget, nurture and engage leads, and create memorable experiences. 

Our in-house event specialists can also work seamlessly with our marketing team to craft and deploy integrated event marketing strategies including inbound marketing, digital advertising and social media messaging to attract and drive the right type of leads to your live and virtual events.

Our event marketing services include:

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