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Lightpath Announces Agreement to Acquire United Fiber and Data Assets

United Fiber and Data

Lightpath to Expand High-Fiber Network from New York City to Ashburn, VA, Boosting Manhattan Market Reach by Over 20% with Enhanced Geographic Diversity Lightpath customers will soon benefit from a substantial increase in network reach and service capacity. Lightpath, an all-fiber, infrastructure-based connectivity provider, recently announced a definitive agreement to acquire all United Fiber and […]

Lightpath Connectivity in the Fast Lane

Lightpath Connectivity in the Fast Lane

Boosting Modern Operations for Peak Performance Amid the innovation-driven climate of 2024, KOLLECTIVE, a new breed of automotive brand, continues to redefine automotive luxury, proudly showcasing some of the world’s most prestigious brands like Audi, Land Rover, Lexus, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz. Not long ago, Lightpath laid the groundwork for Kollective’s connectivity revolution positioning them for […]

Lightpath Introduces the Ultimate Video Library

Lightpath Video Library Released

A Game-Changing Addition to Lightpath’s Online Platform Lightpath is committed to providing its community with top-notch resources and support — and this latest update is no exception. Whether you’re seeking in-depth webinars, product walkthroughs or general videos introducing new routes, Lightpath’s Video Library has you covered. Here’s why you’ll want to dive in: Comprehensive Webinars […]

Unveiling Lightpath’s LP DDoS Shield Product

LP DDoS Shield

A Lunch & Learn Overview Answering Your Top Questions Lightpath recently announced the exciting launch of LP DDoS Shield, Lightpath’s next-generation network safeguard against a growing list of DDoS attack types. Most recently, Bill Cheslock, Lightpath’s Director of Emerging Products, facilitated a Lunch & Learn Webinar to highlight the LP DDoS Shield product and why […]

Radware Empowers Lightpath’s New AI-Driven DDoS Protection Service

Radware Empowers Lightpath

Lightpath’s DDoS offerings are getting a big boost. Radware, a leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions, announced it signed a managed security service provider agreement with Lightpath to leverage Radware’s AI-powered DefensePro® DDoS protection to offer customers a DDoS scrubbing service.  This service is designed to combat increasingly complex threats by not […]

Spring in Action: Lightpath’s Eventful Season Ahead

Lightpath Spring Event Circuit

A Closer Look into Lightpath’s Upcoming Event Circuit Spring is in full swing and for Lightpath, that means one thing: a whirlwind of events spanning May and extending into June. From the northeast to the Florida panhandle, Lightpath is gearing up for a thrilling event circuit, encompassing an array of industry gatherings, conferences, and expos. […]

Lightpath Releases Enhanced DDoS Protection Solution

LP DDoS Shield

Cutting Edge AI Technology Powers Advanced Detection System Lightpath recently just announced the launch of LP DDoS Shield, its next-generation network safeguard against a growing list of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. At a time when DDoS attacks are increasing in size, scale, and sophistication, enhanced DDoS protection is crucial. Lightpath’s LP DDoS Shield […]

Collaborative Culture: Lightpath’s Blueprint for Achieving Success

Collaboration Culture

Collaborative Culture: Lightpath’s Blueprint for Achieving Success Today’s most successful organizations increasingly recognize the importance of fueling collaboration strategies to accelerate innovation and achieve success. Research by Frost & Sullivan reveals that companies prioritizing organizational collaboration witness a remarkable 41% improvement in customer satisfaction ratings and a substantial 27% increase in sales. Many prominent organizations […]

Every Call Counts: The Importance of Uninterrupted Voice Connectivity

Customer Spotlight

Lightpath Strengthens Family Service League’s Operations Who is Family Service League? Lightpath’s latest Customer Spotlight focuses on a non-profit human service organization, Family Service League, that delivers tangible help and crisis intervention to over 50,000 people annually. Offering 60+ programs at over 20 locations throughout Long Island, FSL provides mental health counseling, addiction prevention and […]

Viva Las Vegas! Lightpath Heads West for Annual Channel Partners Conference

Lightpath Heads West for Channel Partners

Leadership Set to Discuss All-Fiber Connectivity in Las Vegas From Honolulu’s tranquil shores to Florida’s bustling streets, Lightpath’s 2024 Event Lineup has been nothing short of exhilarating this year. This month, Lightpath’s sights are set on the neon-lit oasis of Las Vegas. With Channel Partners 2024 on the horizon, Lightpath is poised to bring a […]