Lightpath’s All-Fiber Connectivity Reaches 20,000 Route Miles, 13,500 Service Locations, and 2,000 Wireless Towers

Lightpath has catapulted onto the scene with a trajectory of significant growth since Altice USA and Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners (MSIP) joined forces to spin out Lightpath as an independently operating company.

With over 30 years in the fiber infrastructure industry, Lightpath has the densest network among competitive fiber operators in the New York Metro region and is rapidly increasing the scale of its network in Massachusetts. 

Major Network Milestones Amid Rapid Expansion 

The milestones include reaching 20,000 route miles, 13,500 service locations and 2,000 wireless towers. Lightpath has also invested in its people, more than doubling the size of its sales and customer service teams since early 2021. These milestones result from rapid expansion efforts, and installation of a new leadership team with a vision for growth. As Lightpath’s Chief Technology Officer Phil Olivero told JSA during a live interview from the show floor ITW ‘22, Lightpath is acting quickly to meet demand and expand into key, adjacent markets.

Phil Olivero speaks to JSA TV live from ITW ’22

“What we hear from customers is ‘we really like this, can you do this in more places?’ There were adjacent pockets of network and opportunity next to us that we hadn’t yet penetrated. So from an adjacent perspective, we started looking at our assets and extended our networks there. And then we also heard from other areas, like Boston, so we invested deeply in Boston. And then we set out to invest in other high-demand areas, lighting a new route down to Ashburn.” Phil Olivero, CTO of Lightpath

Taking Customers Where They Want to Be 

Lightpath is a growing all-fiber, infrastructure-based connectivity provider that is revolutionizing how organizations connect to their digital destinations. Fortune 100 enterprises, wireless operators, hyperscalers, carriers, healthcare organizations, financial services, governments, educators, and thousands of more customers – all trust Lightpath for connectivity to their critical digital destinations.  

Lightpath milestones over the past 16 months include: 

  • New industry-experienced leadership team led by CEO Chris Morley, former Zayo COO, Doug Dalissandro, former Lightower CRO, and Phil Olivero, former Lightower CTO.  
  • Complete optical network upgrade to Ciena WaveLogic 5 Extreme 800 Gbps platform.
  • Milestone of 2,000 contracted wireless tower sites in-service or in-process, resulting from wireless industry-focused solutions including 10G and dark fiber services.
  • Enhancement of service offerings to the hyperscaler sector, including latency-optimized dark fiber and optical transport solutions.
  • Enhancement of service offerings to regional cable landing stations, including the availability of dark fiber and diverse routing options.
  • Doubling the sales and customer support teams to serve customers better.
  • Entrance into the Greater Boston market via multiple acquisitions, enabling market entrance with a service-ready network of over 100 route miles.
  • Entrance into the Queens, NY market via a 100+ route mile network expansion.
  • Entrance into the Princeton, NJ market via a 50+ route mile network expansion.
  • Two follow-on Boston area network expansions, adding over 100 more route miles.
  • New 300-mile Ashburn, VA to New York Metro route geographically diverse from the I-95 corridor to support critical connectivity between these data center hubs. 
  • Opening of new, local support offices in Boston and Manhattan
  • New network route across the Mario Cuomo Bridge to support routing options through or around New York City, and provide routing options for the northeast as a whole.

To learn more watch the entire JSA TV interview, or follow Lightpath on LinkedIn. For more information on Lightpath’s all-fiber network, visit www.lightpathfiber.com.


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