Lightpath Revolutionizes How Organizations Connect to Their Digital Destinations

Lightpath, an all-fiber, infrastructure-based connectivity provider that is revolutionizing how organizations connect to their digital destinations, has completed its first steps in its long term goals of expanding its network reach to more locations, providing state-of-the-art connectivity solutions, and offering customers next-generation service. 

In Boston, Lightpath has become the first all-fiber, enterprise-grade connectivity provider to enter the market in over a decade. As fuel to accelerate its entrance into the market, Lightpath announced three separate acquisitions of existing fiber assets. Customers in the Boston area will have access to the portfolio of Lightpath’s all-fiber solutions, and will be able to utilize Lightpath services to connect between Boston and the NY Metro Area.

Lightpath’s entrance into the market of Queens, NY, is adding to the growing network that Lightpath offers in the New York City Metropolitan area and will bring the network to even more new businesses and organizations in the area. The expansion, which includes over 100 miles of new, high-count fiber, will take place over the first half of 2022. Customers in Queens and Manhattan will gain access to the portfolio of Lightpath’s all-fiber solutions, 75+ on-net data centers on the Lightpath network, eight cable landing stations, and all major cloud providers.

The deployment of Ciena’s WaveLogic5 Extreme solution has allowed for Lightpath to provide its customers with superior digital experiences – such as high bandwidth and minimal lag – in all of its markets. Through Ciena’s Waveserver Ai compact interconnect platform, Lightpath will be able to meet increased customer demands. Additionally, the Ciena (NYSE: CIEN) platform will also allow for Lightpath to offer to its customers add-on services, such as layer-1 optical encryption.

All of this can be attributed to Lightpath’s approach of leveraging three decades in the connectivity business, combined with a new, highly experienced leadership team. The team’s focus has been the launch of a new vision for the brand, an aggressive market expansion strategy, upgrading the network to next generation capabilities, and investing in a next-generation customer service focus. The new leadership team consists of: Lightpath Chief Executive Officer, Chris Morley; Lightpath Chief Technology Officer, Phil Olivero; Lightpath Chief Revenue Officer, Doug Dalissandro; Chief Strategy Officer, David Mayer; General Counsel, Chris Yost; EVP of Finance, Eric Swanholm; and SVP of Enterprise Sales, Doug Turtz.

With the closing of the sale from Alice USA of 49.99% of its Lightpath fiber enterprise business to Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners, the transaction is providing financial flexibility for Lightpath, enabling the company to focus on specific, new opportunities while still providing top tier products and services to its customers. 

Learn more about Lightpath here, and follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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