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Lightpath Fiber: Ubiquitous Internet Driving IPv6 Adoption

For internet communication to work, every device that uses the internet is identified through its IP address. IPv4 is one of the core protocols of the standards-based ‘internetworking’ supporting the internet and allows for 4.3 billion unique addresses. But with the proliferation of connected devices and the corresponding IP addresses needed for cell phones, laptops, smart pads, and even devices such as thermostats, security cameras, TVs, and coffee makers, the governing body of the internet has essentially run out of IPv4 address options. So, what’s next? A massive shift to IPv6 addressing, which equates to 340 trillion trillion trillion (undecillion or 340 x 1036) possible addresses.

ISPs, mobile, and carrier networks lead the way to IPv6 deployment. According to a 2022 report by Google, the IPv6 adoption rate globally is around 34%, and in the U.S., it’s at about 46%. So, what are the benefits associated with IPv6? A recent article by Lightpath Fiber Networks spells it all out. Here are some of the IPv6 advantages: 

  • Offers better control over scaling operations
  • Ensures the internet can continue its IP address growth rate indefinitely
  • Reduces costs 
  • Increases control over scaling operations 
  • Easily manage your own IP space.
  • Allows mobile devices to continuously update a server with location information, which improves performance, reliability, and seamless mobility
  • Easier to plug and play
  • More easily supports and incorporates BYOD (bring your own device) into the network strategy

According to Lightpath, since many of the newer devices need IPv6 addresses, now more than ever, organizations need to have IPv6 on their strategic roadmap and move IPv6 deployment higher on the to-do list. Not being IPv6-ready can make a business inaccessible in parts of the world where IPv4 addresses have run out. 

IPv6 is a significant improvement over IPv4; however, enterprises need to carefully plan this migration safely and cost-effectively, with the minimum impact on their operations. Check out THIS IPv6 REPORT, Increase Efficiencies and Capabilities with IPv6‘ by Lightpath to learn more reasons to deploy IPv6 in your network.

To learn more about Lightpath, visit lightpathfiber.com 

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