Lightpath Enables Connectivity in More Ways Than One

Lighpath’s mission has always been to get businesses to their digital destinations by enabling connectivity. It is at the heart of the company’s collaborative approach and allows customers to gain the right network connectivity suited for unique business needs. That ‘right-sized’ connectivity model has never been more vital. 

As was the case when Lightpath’s innovative solutions teams collaborated with The Shed, a New York City arts venue, to provide seamless, secure WiFi connectivity for employees, artists, and visitors throughout their uniquely designed venue.

To provide WiFi for the venue’s retractable shell when it was un-nested and used as an enclosure for the outdoor plaza, Lightpath placed access points 120 feet above the audience rather than on the walls, so access would not be compromised by the retractable shell.

The organization had been using traditional MPLS network services, which had become cumbersome to manage and expensive to use. Lightpath worked with them to redesign their network to operate in an Ethernet Virtual Private LAN service environment. This solution enabled the agency to simplify management, including the ability to add, move, and change themselves, resulting in a shorter time to market. By creating a single port service, rather than three separate LAN services, the organization was able to reduce hardware costs through the aggregation of multiple networks to a single port.

This is the just the latest project Lightpath completed for a large government agency, and is a prime example of how the company solves challenges by simply rethinking how to customize existing “off-the-shelf” solutions. The connectivity that has enabled human connections to showcase the beauty of artistic expression at The Shed cannot be measured. 

Looking for new ways to solve old problems or the best way to solve a new connectivity challenge, Lightpath can help. For more information visit lightpathfiber.com.


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