Lightpath Announces Major Expansion to Fiber Network in Boston Region

Expansion Adds Over 50 Route Miles to Network Established Earlier in 2021 Via Multiple Acquisitions

Lightpath is making good on its goal of increasing the reach and reliability of its all-all fiber network wherever there is a strong customer demand. The company announced a second, major expansion in the Boston metropolitan area. This additional 50 route miles of network brings the total route miles in the Boston metropolitan area to more than 130.

The latest expansion follows the company’s entrance into the market via multiple acquisitions in June. The network expansion is focused on the five key areas of Boston, Waltham, Bedford, Burlington, and Lowell, MA. It and is designed to enable access to additional, strategic data centers and business centers while at the same time providing options for service diversity and protection.     

Lightpath has added a second, diverse route between Boston and Lowell, while adding diversity and density in the Bedford, Burlington, and Waltham areas. Customers will benefit from access to critical area data centers at 55 Middlesex Turnpike, Bedford, MA and 115 2nd Avenue, Waltham, MA. Additionally, Lightpath is adding more network density in Boston to reach the Longwood Medical area, home to numerous hospitals, schools, and research facilities. 

“These new network builds address multiple high opportunity markets and business centers, including two, highly-connected data centers in the heart of Boston Metro’s Route 128 Tech Corridor. The extensions in Boston, Bedford, Burlington, and Waltham increase Lightpath network addressability to over 1,200 new target organizations in the region.” –  Chris Morley, Lightpath CEO

All existing and prospective customers gain access to the entire Lightpath network of more than 18,000 route miles, connecting more than 12,000 locations. Customers will have access to the entire Lightpath product portfolio of all-fiber solutions and 75+ on-net data centers on the Lightpath network, seven cable landing stations, and all major cloud providers. Additionally, customers will be able to utilize Lightpath services to connect between New York Metro and Greater Boston.

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