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Lightpath Announces Launch of Cloud Connect for AWS

Lightpath is announcing a new gateway to the cloud with the official launch of Cloud Connect for AWS. The offering consists of multiple service options for direct connectivity to Amazon Web Services through Amazon’s Direct Connect locations in Boston, Ashburn, VA, Secaucus, NJ, and soon in Lightpath’s latest expansion in vibrant Miami. 

Cloud Connect for AWS will provide customers with secure, direct, all-fiber connectivity to AWS with bandwidth options up to 100 Gbps. In collaboration with AWS, Lightpath is offering a complete cloud management portfolio that will provide customers with fast and flexible access to the cloud, multiple encryption options for securing their data, improved application performance, reduced networking costs, and overall cost savings, when compared to internet-based connections. 

The increasing adoption of cloud applications and cloud data storage by businesses, educators, and governments has made connectivity to the cloud an essential aspect of network performance. The escalating demands for network security make it impractical for organizations to rely on the public Internet for connecting to cloud services. Direct, fiber-based services to cloud providers, such as Cloud Connect for AWS, increases network security and creates a more enjoyable user journey from start to finish. 

“Lightpath Cloud Connect customers can achieve optimal performance of cloud applications while opening up the opportunity to expand the use of cloud applications, all with enhanced network security. Whether your organization is cloud-centric or utilizes a hybrid-cloud strategy, fiber to the cloud accelerates all cloud-enabled strategies while also improving the end-user experience.” – Phil Olivero, CTO of Lightpath.

Cloud Connect for AWS offers wavelength service options up to 100 Gbps and Ethernet service options up to 10 Gbps. Lightpath customers will now also have access to the following AWS services: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). Utilizing these services will simplify in-house IT operations and improve the end-user experience. 

Lightpath owns and operates a dense, all-fiber network spanning over 20,000 route miles and connecting over 13,500 service locations throughout the New York Metro, Boston Metro, and Miami Metro. 

To learn more about Lightpath Cloud Connect, visit https://lightpathfiber.com/applications/cloud-connect and follow Lightpath on LinkedIn.


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