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A2P webinar speaker headshots and time details.

Learn A2P From A to Z with Telia Carrier on June 15th

Telia Carrier is hosting its second Application to Person (A2P) messaging webinar on June 15th to walk you through the buyer’s guide of A2P solutions for enterprises. The webinar, titled “Getting the Message Across: The A to Z of A2P”, will take place at 7:00 am ET and delves deeper into the process by which enterprises can select the proper A2P solution for their needs.

Over the years, A2P messaging in the form of traditional SMS has proven to be the most successful way for enterprises to communicate with their customers. Easily customized, the messages enjoy unmatched open and delivery rates compared to other channels. If you wish to reach your customer base in a way that they prefer, tapping into this communication method is crucial.

Hosted by Telia Carrier and Global Telco Consult, the webinar will be moderated by Andy Hicks of GlobalData. The session will cover the following topics:

  • Why A2P is crucial for today’s enterprises
  • What the A2P market looks like
  • What to keep in mind when evaluating solutions and providers

Fast Facts About A2P

With businesses around the world continuing to embrace A2P, the sector’s market size is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.2%, increasing from $62.1 billion in 2020 to $72.8 billion by 2025. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that these services are by no means immune to cyber attacks. Re-routed, hacked or even fraudulent messages can mean big trouble for businesses and can result in major losses. When implementing or improving your A2P messaging service, you need to be sure that you’re partnered with the right provider.

As part of its commitment to helping enterprises on their journey, Telia Carrier has already conducted an earlier session on the basics of A2P. Focusing on the security aspects of A2P messaging, the webinar is available for on-demand viewing on Telia Carrier’s website.

With the #1 Internet backbone in the world and unmatched standards for security, Telia Carrier is an optimal choice for enterprises looking for partners that can help them reach their goals with quality solutions and reliable support.

Click here to register for “Getting the Message Across: The A to Z of A2P”, taking place on June 15th at 7:00 am ET/13:00 CET.

To learn more about Telia Carrier, A2P messaging and more, go to www.teliacarrier.com or browse the company’s Knowledge Hub, filled with informational resources on Telia Carrier and its services.


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