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Kohler Global Power Partner

Kohler’s Global Power Partner Program Delivers Expert, High-Touch Data Center Power Service

In the world of data centers, preserving agility and scalability is key for keeping in step with evolving demands. Furthermore, as hyperscalers and multinational data center operators look to empower steady growth trajectories, ensuring the right partners are on board can make all the difference. This is why Kohler Power, the data center industry’s global power partner, has just proudly unveiled its Global Power Partner program.

Global data center investment is poised to increase from $244.74 billion in 2019 to $432.14 billion in 2025, exhibiting a CAGR of 9.9%. To meet this expanding demand, Kohler’s Global Power Partner program delivers 24/7 ongoing and tailored support for data center clients that require the power solutions capable of helping build tomorrow’s data landscape. 

Supporting Increasing Need for Data Center Services

Kohler has created a globally integrated and multifunctional team of power experts that directly support the company’s customer base with high-touch, personalized service. As a result, customers enjoy the best of both mission-critical data center power solutions and a service style that maximizes ease and responsiveness. Among the benefits of the Global Power Partner Program are extensive expert insight and immediate, accurate quotes, as well as holistic lifecycle services that include account management, product management, engineering, commissioning, and on-boarding.

Amplified by Kohler’s enduring dedication to gracious living, this customer care program ensures top-of-the-line data center power experiences for operators that require seamless deployments and uncompromised agility. In turn, this service excellence helps customers to scale powerfully when and where they need to. 

“Organizations in this strategic data center segment are investing billions annually to support the infrastructure needs of our digital society, paving the way for opportunities across 5G, cloud, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and beyond,” says Steve Zielke, Sr. Data Center Channel Manager at Kohler. “We believe that it’s not only our duty to empower these companies with the ideal power solutions they need, but our privilege to do so. We’re committed to helping customers build the future of IT and communications as easily, reliably, and enjoyably as possible — that’s what it means to be a true Global Power Partner.”   

To learn more about Kohler’s Global Power Partner program, click here. Follow Kohler Power Data Centers on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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