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Kohler Sustainability

Kohler Sets Sights on Sustainability in 2023

Kohler kicked off 2023 with sustainability in mind, announcing the appointment of its first Chief Sustainability and DEI Officer. The company announced Laura Kohler will serve in this key role and work to strengthen partnerships across Kohler’s brands, including its data center division that serves as the data center industry’s global power partner. 

A New Era for Kohler Sustainability

The announcement of the company’s first Chief Sustainability and DEI Officer builds on Kohler’s efforts to become a leader in the creation of more sustainable product options and practices amid the rising demand for more connectivity and data center services. Sustainability has been a top priority for Kohler, and the new role will help the company fully focus on this effort at every level.

“Kohler is focused on finding more environmentally sustainable ways to do business, as we have been doing for 150 years. From making operations more efficient and reducing and reusing waste, to introducing new initiatives and technologies into our power products, we are 100% committed to being part of the solution that helps our industry reach its goals. Our leadership has not only made it a priority, but also instills a passion to drive change through all our products across our business units within Kohler.”

 — Ryan Baumann, Global Director, Data Center Sales for Kohler

Kohler Sustainability: Leading the Way with HVO and More

Kohler showcased its leadership in renewable energy sources with a new partnership with Robert Swan, OBE (Order of the British Empire), on his 2023 Undaunted Expedition that took him across the Antarctic landmass to the Geographic South Pole relying solely on renewable energy sources. A leader in energy resiliency for more than 100 years, Kohler equipped Swan’s journey with a customized Kohler generator that utilized a Kohler diesel engine fueled by hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO). Kohler launched its HVO solution last year for all of its diesel engines, underscoring the company’s commitment to lessen the environmental impact of its engines. 

Kohler also contributed its expertise in energy solutions as a contributing author in the book Greener Data: Actionable Insights from Industry Leaders that addresses realistic ways to make the technology, telecom and data center industries more environmentally sustainable. Kohler’s chapter, titled “Powering a Better Future: Kohler’s Evolutionary and Revolutionary Approaches,” examines the industry from the perspective of a supplier providing much-needed backup power and doing so with minimal impact on the environment. 

Learn more about Kohler’s sustainability initiatives here. To learn more about Kohler’s data center solutions, visit kohlerpower.com/datacenters.

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