Kohler Reinforces Sustainability Vision in Heightened Partnership with the iMasons Climate Accord 

Kohler, a leading partner in power solutions for the data center industry, announced their new Movers designation with the iMasons Climate Accord (ICA) this week. The new, deepened commitment and collaboration with ICA emphasizes the company’s dedication to fostering a sustainable future.

In alignment with over 170 companies sharing similar environmental values, Kohler is set to enhance its contribution to discussions on environmental sustainability, focusing on accountability, reporting, and the sharing of best practices for data centers around the world through the ICA. For Kohler, the ICA’s focus on carbon reduction in digital infrastructure aligns perfectly with Kohler’s long-term sustainability goals, as the ICA’s objectives match with other Kohler initiatives such as programs to reduce fuel consumption, reduce generator emissions, and introduce renewable fuels. 

“Kohler’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and reduction of environmental impacts strategically aligns with the ICA’s goals of decarbonizing digital infrastructure,” said Miranda G. Gardiner, executive director for the ICA.

Further solidifying Kohler’s commitment to the iMason’s organization, they have a dedicated team member participating in the ICA’s Equipment Working Group, which focuses on decarbonizing data center equipment by enabling transparent communication of embodied carbon and building market-based incentives to select zero-carbon equipment. The committee includes those from several different companies who are equally committed to advancements in sustainable digital infrastructure design, construction, and operation. ICA utilizes work such as this to influence market-based decisions and drive the industry to achieve carbon neutrality, something Kohler hopes to propel forward with their newly enhanced involvement. 

Kohler senior manager Steve Zielke acknowledged the importance of strengthened collaboration and active participation alongside peers, explaining, “At Kohler, we understand that meaningful environmental change comes from many companies working together towards a common goal”. 

Gardiner concurred, stating that Kohler’s endorsement of the ICA’s collective action “excites me for this continued alliance to drive a greener and more sustainable future together.”

Overall, Kohler remains steadfast in its mission to achieve net-zero environmental impact by 2035, actively participating in essential discussions on achieving both immediate and long-term environmental objectives. The introduction of Kohler’s new iMasons Movers designation marks a significant step in contributing critical data and insights, further demonstrating the company’s proactive initiatives in sustainability.

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